Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bones to pick...

Dear Hot Wheels Corporation,
If you were a person I would punch you in the face. Thanks to your flimsy and semi idiotic double sided tape the wall anchor for our wall tracks super awesome, life changing, had to have set fell off the wall sometime in the 6 hours I was out of the house today. Then, after corralling my clan to bedtime, I went like a total spaz to check on them again and make sure everyone was still breathing.
They were.
So I ever so NOT GINGERLY step on a DUMB WALL ANCHOR AND NEARLY BREAK MY NECK IN MY HALLWAY on the way back to my bedroom.
My wide foot and heavy ehh uhhhmm broke the wall anchor into pieces and I proceeded to say a slew of words that were conduct unbecoming a mom of 3.5 children.

So in closing Hot Wheels, get your self together and put some stronger tape in your wall tracks packaging.

Your truly,
The somewhat oblivious to random hallway debris, temper tantrum throwing lady with a permanent wall anchor indenture on the bottom of her right foot. Kaythanksbye.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Remember that

Moment when you actually realized your kids are growing up and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

And you want them to be little again so you can just have all that time back...
Yeah that's where I'm at.
He's been doing this to her since he was 2 years old.
He just loves her.
Like a lot.
Like A LOT.
And she is so patient with him.

Much better older sister than I was at her age.
I was the variety of cruel older sibling who read aloud from the R.L. Stine books just to creep out my younger siblings.

Yeah, I know--mean and twisted. I see that now.

And she's not that way with him at all. It's soo inspiring.

Good night my sweet little loves.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How do I love thee...

Insomnia strikes again. Being pregnant rocks. Because I am not running a race in the morning and I don't have a 5 year old that needs to be at a soccer game shortly after sunrise.
It's okay, sleep is overrated.

Since I am awake, here is a cute picture of my baby snapped while his mother was making him put on the Halloween wigs while in Target today. Or yesterday. Whatever. Blogging at 3am is very confusing.
Either way, here he is.

So cute I could kiss his face off.
Oh wait, I do when no one is looking :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

That's my boy

Tonight my biggest dude prayed our nightly family prayer. The first thing he prayed
"Please keep all the people in VFA-41 safe and happy and healthy..."

He went on to specifically ask for the safety and happy heart for our dad In VFA-41. So sweet.

Just when I think nothing is getting through and his whole mission in life is to disobey and be loud--he comes through for me. That there is a kindness in his heart for others. He let's me know that something IS getting through his thick skull, in a good way.

Thank you Jesus. Because more often than not, I am questioning how many times a day I will repeat the same phrase to him before my head explodes.

Thank you oldest son, for renewing my faith that all my praying and mentoring and attempts to be patient are not in vain. You are a sweet boy with a good soul--and I needed to be reminded of that today. Love you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Up to just a little bit...

Of indoor weed whacking with a crazy purple feather hat on...NBD.

Who is this guy? He's a silly goose. All the time. And I love him.


I feel like some people wake up and just look cool. And some people don't.
I am one of those that looks like the creature from the bottom of the swamp when they open their too small, crooked eyelids.

My kids however, are the opposite. It seems from the moment they wake up they are leaking #kidswag from their pores.

Must be nice. I work VERY HARD at attempting to look normal ;) and feel like I barely make the cut.

Example--this was early morning post run to the gym waiting for our stroller fitness class look my baby was rocking.

I'm jealous. Seriously.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I wanna talk about that.

I married that face under the helmet in the front seat.
And it has been an epic fairy tale we have written for ourselves.

His coolness makes me jealous. Seriously.
Granted it takes a supreme amount of work to do his job, it's all totally worth it when you see a snapshot like that.

I'm just saying.

That's the sum of my post--husband rocks. I love him. Husband rocks more.

Honey, if for some reason you can read this on the ship--you absolutely frackin' rock.
And I love you. We all love you.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Boo Boo Packs and Babies

The babiest Dill had a run in today. With his sippy cup. It didn't end well for one of the parties involved.

I walk into the living room from the kitchen and all I see is blood and tears. Sigh. Naturally he WOULD NOT calm down and each time I tried to put the ice pack on his lip he would flip his lid. LOUD.

Less than ideal relaxing Saturday. But it's ok--our baby is now officially inducted into the Dill kids smash face hall of fame.

These are the moments that I miss the Jet Pilot, he handles these kid's blood situations infinitely better than I do .

But we muscled through it. So I will toast to that.

But still....
Sippy Cup-1
Baby Dill-0

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sometimes there are shoes I just can't fill...

Reality check.
By a five year old.
Tonight after our family prayer and nightly iPad video song from dad (that Jet Pilot made before he left) the biggest little dude was pretty shaken up and a bit weepy from the emotional turmoil of having a dad absent for what is really going to be a long @$$ time.  Sorry I don't mean to curse--but I don't know any other way to describe it.  As we walked to his room and I tucked him in I told him not to cry that we would see dad's face again and we would be able to Face Time or Skype or something soon.  We just needed to be patient and stay busy.  He looked up at me with very skeptical tear filled eyes and blurted out:

"I know its just that dad has a lot of good games on his phone and you don't have any good ones on yours and it just stinks!"

I almost started to laugh then I realized he was being serious and it hit me.  Like a truck.
Despite all I try to do and the various ways I attempt to keep their little minds busy-sometimes its just not enough. Sometimes they just need dad.  Period.

And, sometimes there are things that I will never be able to do as "good as dad".
And THAT does stink.
Like NAS Lemoore dairy farms stink. (If you're local--you get the reference.  If you're not, consider yourself lucky.)

Sigh.  Talk about a heavy heart.
And to think, I didn't think I wasn't handling things all that well before--I am definitely feeling like a #failmom now.

Please excuse me now, I am off to bury my head in my book "Faith Deployed" and hope that I can find some strength and insight to do this military wife/mom thang better.

Then I am going to log onto iTunes and download $100 in amazingly fun games and apps with 5 star reviews.

Because hopefully-- a weak imitation of something supremely awesome is better than nothing right?