Monday, March 2, 2015

It has been

far too long.

Almost a year to the day.
Busy??  Sometimes, but not always.  I always want to blog--seems like I have plenty to say, but then something shiny flutters by and my stream of consciousness is interrupted.  Then the blogging doesn't happen.
Meh, whatevs.

A move is on the horizon, I can't believe it.  I  know it happens to a bajillion military families but I just always felt like we were going to be here and everyone else was going to move.  Dumb, right??  It's a weird feeling.  Knowing we will move, that this house we have come to love so much, will not be our home much longer.  Cray.  Suurrssslly.
I started college. AT. 32.
That deserves two "crays'.  Cray. Cray.  To say its a learning experience is A GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT.  But its good.  I should go.  I mean I want to look back and say "Yeah, I did that."  Some days I am owning school, other days, school is owning me.  

Great things are on the horizon.  I can't wait to officially share them.  It's too soon to share just yet (and no I am NOT pregnant, that ship sailed months ago), but soon I can share.

Stay up playa.