Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Bonnie is wearing a ninja costume (of Clyde's btw) and her favorite dress up wig-- cuz Hannah Montana meets ninja rogue is always in style!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Next Step-Selection

Six years ago when Jet Pilot and I were both in the Navy we went to a Blue Angels Airshow and toured all the planes.  As luck would have it the Air Wing that I had deployed with was the one who's planes were on display at this particular airshow.  We walked around and I chatted up with all the pilots that I had previously become very familiar with (after all you spend 6 months with someone and try to NOT become friends thru it all), it was at this time, this day, these hours that a dream was born.  Jet Pilot looked over at me and said "I think I could do cool would it be if I could become a Fighter Jet Pilot?" 
And like the good wife I agreed. 
This conversation sparked a series of events that have 1000% changed our lives in a very short amount of time.  From the beginning he always wanted to fly the F/A-18, now if you are not a super Aviation geek then you may not know all this but there are about 3493 types of F/A-18's. 
Well not that many but you know what I mean. 
And from the beginning he always wanted to fly the F/A-18.

So fast forward 3 years and we are here.  Jet Pilot is still in school (Navy or civilian), learning one Naval Aviation-ish thing or another and STILL wanting to fly F/A-18's.  And I want him to fly those scary awesome and amazing planes.  Fast forward a bit more to me sitting in a Navy conference room (with our friends the "G" Family, the Navy wife who helped me survive the carrier qual week) complete with a Ping Pong table, Navy dudes and a popcorn machine waiting to see what decisions the Good Lord would bestow upon us as our next adventure. 

Not my ideal location-but again, what the heck do I know right?

As the CO walked in and started swapping out old arm patches for new ones that showed the type of plane the guys were going fly I could literally feel myself on the verge of puking.

It was soo bad I asked the other wife in the room to hold my hand...and to slap me if I looked like I needed it, lol, yes I am that much of a basket case.  I used to be tough, I swear.  First guy to get his patches swapped out-BLAM gets his first choice platform and location!  Second guy-FIRST CHOICE platform and location again!  Literally like 30 seconds has passed at this point but in my head it might as well have been 30 years...I don't think I was breathing.

Then my husband's turn, (can you tell I am green at this point?), deep breaths, woo-saah, (swallow the puke) and the CO SLAPS ON THIS:

I didn't cry (much) but I was soo ecstatic for the husband that I don't think I could form coherent words...although I know I announced that I was going to pee in my pants from all the stress and build up and excitement.  Cuz they don't think I am crazy enough right?
That's disbelief/joy in his face
So we will be moving to California very soon and we are all so excited.  Nervous. Relieved.  Blessed. Extraordinarily blessed.  It has been an amazing ride and I am eternally grateful that the Lord has blessed me to be the one at Jet Pilot's side through this awesome journey.  Its a wonderful, amazing life.  
Now he is pumped about it!
Its the only kind of life that I can see myself living, cuz after all--change is good.  And with the Military-change is inevitable.
Happy Family post-Selection!!  WE ARE GOING TO CA!!!

The last thing left is the official ceremony.  To put it all in stone and cement it into the fabric of our lives forever.  I can't wait.  None of us can.  We have family coming in from out of town and they are all going to help us celebrate this momentous occasion.

Wordless Wednesday

It's late in the day but better now than never!!

He made it!!!

I have been on a serious hiatus lately.  With the baby growing and me being exhausted and Jet Pilot finishing up Flight School it has been BEYOND CRAZY!!  
BBBUUUUTTTT.....through it all God has seen fit to bless us abundantly again.  
Naval Tradition dictates that when the student Aviator completes their final flight in Advanced Flight School their loved ones get to HOSE THEM DOWN WITH A FIRE HOSE as their form of congrats!!  (Crazy right??) 
But as one of his loved ones, I am totally down.  LOL. 
After that water show, the Big Kahuna (CO or XO at the squadron) pins "Soft Wings" (nametag with actual Aviator wings on them, its just unofficial until the Winging Ceremony) on the Student and welcomes them as part of the crew now.  The Naval Aviator Crew.  
Bonnie getting ready to spray Dad
Jet Pilot was running to get his "Wetting Down"
And she got him!!
The XO changing out his name tage
And then "tacking" it on, so it stays!
The Executive Officer (2nd in Command for the squadron) came out and switched Jet Pilot's name tag from Student to Winged Aviator.
The final BEAUTIFUL "Soft Winged" product!
It was a great day for Jet Pilot, well for all of us really and we were so blessed to celebrate with our friends.  The next steps are finding out what type of plane Jet Pilot is going to fly, where we will be stationed and pretty much determines how we will be spending the next 10+ years of our life. 
No pressure right.
But in my heart of hearts I know God has an AMAZING plan for us and I know that letting Him take charge (even though I really do enjoy leading the helm on our is the best thing. 

Stay tuned for the results of our next adventure!!


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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Me and my love Rite Aid

I went to Rite Aid with intentions of doing a Garnier deal and a picture frame/photo album deal but the frames were not on sale at my store so I nixed that the second I walked in the door. I live near one small Rite Aid with not a lot of stock but I try to make it work. Plus the whole staff at Rite Aid is amazingly awesome and coupon friendly. So I don't mind the lack of stock, it all evens out. I was hoping to find 3+ Blonde dyes in stock for my mom but they only had 2 so I grabbed some other colors and just figured I would give away to my neighbors or sister in Washington.

Transaction #1
5 Garnier hair dyes-- $5.99
1 Garnier Face Wash-- $4.49
2 Revlon nail polishes-- $4.79 and $2.39

Coupons I used:
2 $2/1 Garnier hair dye q's from Flu Booklet
1 $2/1 Garnier VV q
2 $1/1 Garnier VV q
1 $2/1 Garnier Face Wash VV q
2 $3/1 Revlon Nail Polish RA q
3 $3/1 Garnier hair dye IP's from (printed last month I think)
2 Free Product Q's from Garnier freebie on FB?

Subtotal: -.36 cents
Tax: $2.56
Total OOP: $2.20 in change!!

I planned on spending UP+'s in this transaction but like always I was a smidge off in my math and my subtotal was just a few cents so oh well just paid in change and went on to transaction #2.

Earned $19 in UP+'s for next time

Transaction #2:
1 Contour USB Meter-- $29.99 (with raincheck)
7 Wet N Wild Nail Polishes-- $1.99
2 Trident Gum-- $2.00
1 M&M's-- $1.59
1 Snickers-- .50
FYI: All the candy (not pictured) was a last minute filler, if I was smarter I would have gotten more nail polish to generate more UP+'s but I am not that smart. Blame the hormones. Meh.

Coupons I used:
$40/1 Contour VV q

Subtotal: .01
Tax: $2.80
Total OOP: $2.81 in change!!

I way figured my totals wrong and ended up needing $4 more in merchandise, like I said previously if I would have been smart I would have gotten more nail polishes and in turn gotten more UP+'s. Couple that with the fact I had no idea the nail polish was ringing up B1G1 50% was a mess. But I didn't spend any UP+'s and earned some so it's all profit. I guess. I have half a mind to return the candy and get nail I'm a spaz I know.

Earned $6 UP+'s for next time.

Did I mention I love Rite Aid?? Cuz I do. Is it weird to love a drug store?? Cuz I do.