Monday, April 26, 2010

DAY 10

I LOVE IT-NO POO!! I have gotten numerous compliments on the shiny-ness of my hair, it fills great, never gets oily and I think it has a little bit more volume than normal. The only downside as far as I can tell is that it takes longer for me to do the baking soda and vinegar rinse than it took for me to "wash" my hair the normal conventional way. But I am going to stick with it for awhile, I recently acquired some coupons for vinegar (so I plan on stocking up on that over the next few grocery trips ) and all the rest of the ingredients I have plenty of. So we will see, I keep forgetting to take pictures, Jet Pilot is out of town again on cross country but when he gets back I PROMISE to take pictures of my head!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Clyde on the Bike

So Clyde has been riding a big boy bike since we lived in Florida but I always forget to get video of it. We bought him a very loved Huffy from a yard sale in Milton months ago but Shooter chewed the pedal off shortly after we got here to Mississippi (I know, I love dogs when they do things like that!!)--luckily Clyde is a very loved grandson and got a brand new one for Christmas.

This video was taken about a month ago, and you can't tell in the video but he is making the sad face because I asked him to go slow so I could take some video of him, usually when he is on his bike he is blazin fast because he is chasing his sister, shooting something with his water "dun", or racing with the other neighborhood kids. Today Jet Pilot got to see Clyde in full bicycle mode and he could not believe how fast our 2 YEAR OLD son was pedaling. He is FAST.

We are both firmly planted in the belief that Clyde will have his training wheels off before Bonnie does, but she is our methodical child...Clyde is always throwing caution to the wind.

Its his style-wild, banshee, whenever the urge hits Clyde just embraces it-which is good for his confidence, bad for his mama...I swear I am going to go gray before 30 because of of that kid.

But I love him-LOTS, more and more each day.

So do it up Clyde, because mama said so!!!

Day 3

Sooo I have had to change to traditional way I "wash" my hair...I always start at the crown of my head and work out, kinda like a flower...well with "No Poo" when I do the scalp rinse and then the vinegar rinse...I burn my head. Baking Soda + White Vinegar = Chemical Reaction on my HEAD!!! But its soo-kay, my hair is doing great!! Not oily, not dry relatively easy to comb through and I think its less frizzy than washing with store bought shampoo/conditioner. When Daddum came home yesterday from cross country he said that he thought my hair looked really shiny and this was before I told him I was on the "No Poo" kick. Sooo I think its working...maybe I will have that model tastic hair in a week and a half, who knows??

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day Numero Dos change, Over. However, my hair is not greasy and is as soft as if I were still using conditioner. So the news is all good. Cheers to Day #3!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

No Poo Day 1

(Insert loud drumroll please).....So as today is the end of Day 1 of my No Poo experiment the results are in....I didn't notice a difference in my hair at all. It wasn't bad or good. I did the scalp rinse first (and I think I need to add more baking soda, didn't feel crunchy enough for me), then the Vinegar rinse (I am using all natural white vinegar because I read it cleans just as well and holds a scent better) and when I was in the shower I just did a thorough rinse. Post shower I felt my hair and it felt just as soft as regular shampoo and the scent was nice too. Kinda festive, and earthy- as the day wore on and my hair dried it was not anymore frizzy or wild than normal. I was kinda expecting that I would wash it with the "No Poo" and when it dried I would look like a movie star or something-laughable I know but a girl can hope right?? Pictures to come later...Jet Pilot is out of town on a cross country flight and I have no one to take pictures of the back of my head until tomorrow evening.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I decided to do it...well I guess technically NOT do it any more-shampoo my hair I mean. I have been reading all kinds of green and crunchy blogs lately, like this one and this one done my research and it has got me to realize that I am unhappy with some of these more conventional "normal" ways of doing things. I feel like the Lord and the Holy Spirit are pushing this more earth conciuous, vegan wannabe grace filled woman to the surface and are slowly but surely kickin that icky Flesh Woman out!! And I couldn't be more pleased!!! Like a moth to a flame I feel myself pondering more and more the health affects of green smoothies in my life, homeschool in my future and P90X (I know...exercise..why can't I just love it like some people?). So I am taking this first baby step to see how the other earth friendly, self sustaining side lives...and if I like it then buh bye SHAMPOO!!! But I deviate from the real purpose of this post-NO POO.

So the method I am using is one found on one of my new favorite blogs which can be found here- I am using method #3. Basically what the breakdown is- there are quite a few ingredients found in A LOT of shampoos that are posing potentially serious health effects, not to mention damaging to the environment. And really what are the options-don't wash your hair...uhhmmm no not in my case, buy all natural or organic shampoos-sure, great now only if I lived in a city large enough to warrant an all natural grocery store...(or a Target for that matter), or in my case option #3-give up traditional shampoos and find the REAL all natural route to getting my locks clean and shiny. Option three demands that I "make" my own no poo, no biggie- vinegar, cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract (looked for whole beans but c'mon I do live in a tiny town), baking soda and water. I kinda just dab and pinched my way thru the no poo recipe. (I think I may have to adjust my baking soda pinches but oh well it was cheap to make ; p). Here are my RAW ingredients:
and here
and here are my finished projects (I know I know I labelled them like a dork but I can't help it...I need things to be orderly...or at least look that way!!)
I am taking a shower now and I will take pics in the morning of my dry no-poo'd hair. WISH ME LUCK!!!!