About me

Welcome to The Dill-io!!  My name is Lacy (also know as the ORIGINAL "Navyfrugalista" is some circles) and I am married to a Naval Aviator with 4 kids (I know, there are only two littles in the picture below- I basically stink at updating my bio or taking updated pictures. Its embarrassing--but having the two babies so close together makes my day to day life a little…hairy) and a whole lot of crazy!  I started this blog late in 2009 to have a place to share our adventures--I don't think too many people are in the know as to how most families in the military run and all the chaos that may ensue as a result.

Well hold on to your hats folks because this ride is about to get a WHOLE lot crazier!!

I am saved by The Most High, Paleo convert, pseudo runner and trying to live as naturally and green as I can.  I have made great strides in the past year, from natural cleaners, organic foods, soapnuts.  We now mostly live Paleo and make the daily effort to eat clean and live like a bad ass. :)

This blog touches on all of us to an extent.   The kids and the daily joy (or calamity) they bring into our lives.  The Jet Pilot and ALLLLL the good stuff that he has going on, the military life and all the joys (and angst) it brings to our family.  And me too I guess.  But I think I am boring, and mostly a train wreck, so meh.

I spend most days in yoga pants running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to accomplish 1,000,000 tasks (think round peg into square hole) but I can not imagine a more enriching, fulfilling role than the one I feel was my spiritual calling as a mother and wife.
I welcome comments and suggestions on all my posts I just ask that they stay family friendly and on topic.

In closing, I hope this blog is as much fun for you to read as it is for me to write. 
Its nice to have a small thing that's all mine.

Yes, this is us...and yes, that's how we roll.

Welcome, Welcome to my little corner of the Internet!