Thursday, May 26, 2011

D Day plus 1

Yesterday was my due date. According to the medical professionals.
Buuuuttt, according the baby I am growing from scratch...he has no plans to arrive anytime soon.


I am super hard trying not to be down about NOT being in that weird??

If there is nothing happening over the holiday weekend I am scheduled to be induced early next week.

Not my ideal birthing situation, but it is what it is. Tell me not to be down, tell me to get a straw and suck it up...tell me to eat a California roll and get over it.
Tell me something.

Or tell me some tips to go into labor...I have made the birthing ball my new home and I am sitting on it as I blog...all it's doing is making me have to take frequent potty breaks---like every 5 minute potty breaks.

I am actually past my wits end as to what to do with myself. I need peace, patience and motivation to get through this--all of which I feel like I lack at present.
Pray for me.
Slap me.

Lord, please let this baby come soon. I am buckling under the pressure.

Monday, May 23, 2011


So not to be a totally dense-but I have been absent from the blog lately.

Like SUPA absent.
And its not like I haven't had a million things to blog about--cuz I have. 
This house, these kids, our co-op and garden...not to mention the random musings from a mum of 2.5 children.
However it just seems like whenever I have the time to sit down and blog...I don't.  I do other things.  Like sleep or scheme ways to make Jet Pilot go out to the store and buy things that contain chocolate and peanut butter.
I know priorities right?  But I really do love peanut butter.  Its like a secret food husband I have.

But I'm least return to blogging is only complicated by the fact that my second son is due in 2 days. 
And he is refusing to come out.
Naturally all I want to do is meet him...I think about him constantly.  Yet he remains in his baby roaster (aka my uterus) til a time that remains undetermined at present.  I am really doing all the "tricks" to make the babies come sooner:
red raspberry leaf tea,
fresh pineapple,
chasing (or trying to chase, I am really SLOW now) 2 kids around,
running the household,
birthing ball....yet....

I am starting to take it personal-like he doesn't want to meet us.  Or me.  Maybe he thinks I am not as cool as I really am.  I feel like talking to my stomach and pleading like "Seriously little dude I am really cool and sweet and promise to love and cherish and love and squeeze you a TON!" Jet Pilot says its because he doesn't want to join the chaos that is our house.  But I am really thinking its me.  Yes it is totally possible I need my head examined.  I think I am losing brain cells just sitting here.  I feel old.
But I just keep praying for peace and patience and continued faith in the knowledge that he will come when he is good and ready.
I just know I AM GOOD AND READY to meet him. I wish we were on the same

Other than that things are people are overwhelming and I hate moving neighbors.  But we have met an amazing Christian family who I think really likes my family and wants to be our buddies while we are here.  Phew.  We have convinced some innocent and unsuspecting folks that we are normal enough and now they are stuck with us. (Insert evil laugh here...jk)
But still sometimes I severely dislike change...and I am not going to go into it more than that. Because its dark and I want to live in light.  Lots of light.

However my coupon girls (Cindi, Gail, Nydia, Susie and Brittany) have been amazing to me this whole pregnancy.  They have sent tons of goodies and even went in together and got my little one this, which I totally love!!
Its actually sitting here in our living room waiting for a cute little diapered hiney to sit and puke and pee in it. 
Yet he eludes us.  Little Stinker.

Sigh.  Double Sigh.  

The new coupon show on THAT network drives me crazy...I am not going to elaborate more than that...EVERY neighbor with the exception of MAYBE 2 families on my street thinks I am total nut job and I walk around spending pennies on my weekly groceries living in a house filled with junk food. 
I would be soo lucky.
Well not really but you know what I mean.  Lucky on the spending pennies part...not so lucky on the junk food part.
After watching that show it made me realize I am still a brand snob and while I have let most brand loyalty go I refuse to budge on some stuff.
Like bread.
Or anything frozen.  I love frozen foods...but have no self control so I have to not have that stuff in the house to be tempted.  Its the devil.  From a food perspective.
Don't be confused though, I still love coupons A LOT.  And I use them fanatically,  just not on "that" stuff.

I am about as stockpiled for the new kid and the house as I think I can be...I am giving up the drug store game until after he is born and its kind of nice not to be pouring over ads and blogs trying to figure out the best deals.  Stalking the deals is something I truly enjoy but I just can't find the gumption to stay on top of it every week.  Hopefully things will change after my son is born. In June. Of 2012.

So I guess the purpose of this post is multi fold, to apologize for my absence, to announce I am still here and alive, updates on NOT being in labor and how much I love coupons and good friends. 

That's all.  Thanks for letting me get that all out.  I feel better now.

Oh and I am trying to convince Jet Pilot to get rid of the microwave...I feel like its actually shooting waves out at me and changing my molecular make up.  To change me into like a Klingon or something.
Now I am bringing this post to a close so that I can call and make that head examination appointment; because I'm sure you are reading this and thinking...this chick is bonkers!
And I am.
A little bit.
But its okay, because those that know me and love me...they kinda like bonkers...

: )