Saturday, December 8, 2012


Do you ever plan something out...imagine how epic its going to be and how happy your family is going to be as result--only to have it go down in flames and NOT AT ALL what you thought.

Yeah, thats been me the past two weekends.  Had great plans for me and the kids only for one of them to ruin the entire evolution with their misbehavings.  SEVERE. MISBEHAVINGS.
Totally stinks.
And, to add insult to injury--I have family in town.  So they probably think I am a horrible mother who always loses her mind on her kids and acts like a tempermental butt head with them.

I'm not.
I swear I'm not.
I do love my kids and I am mostly patient with them all the time.  But sometimes they have this way of getting under my skin and I completely fly off the handle and lose it.


I feel like this means that I need to look inward and turn to my faith and the Word to get through this.  And I should.
But honestly, that seems like soo much work right now.  I know, I know.  Saying that out loud makes me a terrible person.  But I am a bit tired, stressed, its the holidays, I miss my husband and I am growing a baby from scratch.

Not an excuse.  Believe me I know.  I see these other moms who also have spouses who are deployed and they seem no where near as lunatic-ish as me on a day to day basis.  Whats their coping mechanism?  Whats their story?  What am I doing wrong?
Who knows.

Done with the rant.  And the whining.  Going to indulge in McD's and feel better.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bones to pick...

Dear Hot Wheels Corporation,
If you were a person I would punch you in the face. Thanks to your flimsy and semi idiotic double sided tape the wall anchor for our wall tracks super awesome, life changing, had to have set fell off the wall sometime in the 6 hours I was out of the house today. Then, after corralling my clan to bedtime, I went like a total spaz to check on them again and make sure everyone was still breathing.
They were.
So I ever so NOT GINGERLY step on a DUMB WALL ANCHOR AND NEARLY BREAK MY NECK IN MY HALLWAY on the way back to my bedroom.
My wide foot and heavy ehh uhhhmm broke the wall anchor into pieces and I proceeded to say a slew of words that were conduct unbecoming a mom of 3.5 children.

So in closing Hot Wheels, get your self together and put some stronger tape in your wall tracks packaging.

Your truly,
The somewhat oblivious to random hallway debris, temper tantrum throwing lady with a permanent wall anchor indenture on the bottom of her right foot. Kaythanksbye.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Remember that

Moment when you actually realized your kids are growing up and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

And you want them to be little again so you can just have all that time back...
Yeah that's where I'm at.
He's been doing this to her since he was 2 years old.
He just loves her.
Like a lot.
Like A LOT.
And she is so patient with him.

Much better older sister than I was at her age.
I was the variety of cruel older sibling who read aloud from the R.L. Stine books just to creep out my younger siblings.

Yeah, I know--mean and twisted. I see that now.

And she's not that way with him at all. It's soo inspiring.

Good night my sweet little loves.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How do I love thee...

Insomnia strikes again. Being pregnant rocks. Because I am not running a race in the morning and I don't have a 5 year old that needs to be at a soccer game shortly after sunrise.
It's okay, sleep is overrated.

Since I am awake, here is a cute picture of my baby snapped while his mother was making him put on the Halloween wigs while in Target today. Or yesterday. Whatever. Blogging at 3am is very confusing.
Either way, here he is.

So cute I could kiss his face off.
Oh wait, I do when no one is looking :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

That's my boy

Tonight my biggest dude prayed our nightly family prayer. The first thing he prayed
"Please keep all the people in VFA-41 safe and happy and healthy..."

He went on to specifically ask for the safety and happy heart for our dad In VFA-41. So sweet.

Just when I think nothing is getting through and his whole mission in life is to disobey and be loud--he comes through for me. That there is a kindness in his heart for others. He let's me know that something IS getting through his thick skull, in a good way.

Thank you Jesus. Because more often than not, I am questioning how many times a day I will repeat the same phrase to him before my head explodes.

Thank you oldest son, for renewing my faith that all my praying and mentoring and attempts to be patient are not in vain. You are a sweet boy with a good soul--and I needed to be reminded of that today. Love you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Up to just a little bit...

Of indoor weed whacking with a crazy purple feather hat on...NBD.

Who is this guy? He's a silly goose. All the time. And I love him.


I feel like some people wake up and just look cool. And some people don't.
I am one of those that looks like the creature from the bottom of the swamp when they open their too small, crooked eyelids.

My kids however, are the opposite. It seems from the moment they wake up they are leaking #kidswag from their pores.

Must be nice. I work VERY HARD at attempting to look normal ;) and feel like I barely make the cut.

Example--this was early morning post run to the gym waiting for our stroller fitness class look my baby was rocking.

I'm jealous. Seriously.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I wanna talk about that.

I married that face under the helmet in the front seat.
And it has been an epic fairy tale we have written for ourselves.

His coolness makes me jealous. Seriously.
Granted it takes a supreme amount of work to do his job, it's all totally worth it when you see a snapshot like that.

I'm just saying.

That's the sum of my post--husband rocks. I love him. Husband rocks more.

Honey, if for some reason you can read this on the ship--you absolutely frackin' rock.
And I love you. We all love you.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Boo Boo Packs and Babies

The babiest Dill had a run in today. With his sippy cup. It didn't end well for one of the parties involved.

I walk into the living room from the kitchen and all I see is blood and tears. Sigh. Naturally he WOULD NOT calm down and each time I tried to put the ice pack on his lip he would flip his lid. LOUD.

Less than ideal relaxing Saturday. But it's ok--our baby is now officially inducted into the Dill kids smash face hall of fame.

These are the moments that I miss the Jet Pilot, he handles these kid's blood situations infinitely better than I do .

But we muscled through it. So I will toast to that.

But still....
Sippy Cup-1
Baby Dill-0

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sometimes there are shoes I just can't fill...

Reality check.
By a five year old.
Tonight after our family prayer and nightly iPad video song from dad (that Jet Pilot made before he left) the biggest little dude was pretty shaken up and a bit weepy from the emotional turmoil of having a dad absent for what is really going to be a long @$$ time.  Sorry I don't mean to curse--but I don't know any other way to describe it.  As we walked to his room and I tucked him in I told him not to cry that we would see dad's face again and we would be able to Face Time or Skype or something soon.  We just needed to be patient and stay busy.  He looked up at me with very skeptical tear filled eyes and blurted out:

"I know its just that dad has a lot of good games on his phone and you don't have any good ones on yours and it just stinks!"

I almost started to laugh then I realized he was being serious and it hit me.  Like a truck.
Despite all I try to do and the various ways I attempt to keep their little minds busy-sometimes its just not enough. Sometimes they just need dad.  Period.

And, sometimes there are things that I will never be able to do as "good as dad".
And THAT does stink.
Like NAS Lemoore dairy farms stink. (If you're local--you get the reference.  If you're not, consider yourself lucky.)

Sigh.  Talk about a heavy heart.
And to think, I didn't think I wasn't handling things all that well before--I am definitely feeling like a #failmom now.

Please excuse me now, I am off to bury my head in my book "Faith Deployed" and hope that I can find some strength and insight to do this military wife/mom thang better.

Then I am going to log onto iTunes and download $100 in amazingly fun games and apps with 5 star reviews.

Because hopefully-- a weak imitation of something supremely awesome is better than nothing right?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Pink Panthers


I'm a cheer coach.
Didn't volunteer this time. Got yoked into because my daughter's coach quit last minute because she had a job. Lame excuse, believe me I know.

And she didn't bother to tell anyone she quit.
Just stopped showing up to practice and games.

So apparently, before she quit she volunteered me as a back up and I didn't want to let the girls down so I said yes.
They are a sweet group of little gals and they love all things cheery and girly and pink and cheery.
However, being mom to three with another growing from scratch--I am a bit tired and run down by the time practice and game day come around.
But I'm making it work.

We have one game left and I am trying to just muscle my way thru it so that this whole shenanigan of an evolution will eventually be a story I tell.

I feel like this is one of those character building times in my motherhood/deployment cycle. To see how determined or stubborn I am to stick things through and make ish happen.

Well, joke's on you life--because I've got cheerleader slash cheer coach on lock. Period. Dot.

El Dizzle out this piece.

Good Morning Dad!!

Today we had the great and unexpected pleasure of talking to Jet Pilot before our school day actually started.
It was fan-friggin-tastic.
I forgot how much I like his voice.
And his face.
And his personality.
It's funny how the subconscious handles separation. Or depressing, depending on your outlook. :/

Phone calls like this one make living this lifestyle a teensy bit easier to handle. Plus it was a great way to head into our weekend!

Hang in there love, we miss you bunches and bunches but we will talk again soon!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


the best part of pregnancy--getting up almost every day at 5am because your body is getting you ready for the sleeplessness that will be your life in just a few short months.
I'm tired. Like zombie status tired.
And functioning today may be more of a stretch than I originally thought.

Upside-baby G is in a cheerful mood.

Downside-Laundry hasn't figured out how to do itself and the magic broom from Sleeping Beauty hasn't appeared to sweep my kitchen or bathroom floors. Sigh.

In other news, it's been almost a month since my better half left. I can't believe it. I wish I could say time is flying. But it doesn't feel like it is.

However we are muscling our way through it. Thriving some days, surviving others. We spend a lot of time in family prayer and I take comfort knowing that I have great people all over the US praying for our family. You ladies know who you are!
But I definitely feel a difference this deployment as opposed to the previous ones we've done. Primarily I because it was me who did those deployments and Jet Pilot stayed home.
Role reversal. Kinda stinks.

But he's loving it. And that's what counts. Everyone loves a happy worker.

And I love him.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Uno Café por favor...

I feel like Nancy would appear I can not function without the token Iced Coffee beverage in hand. And I appear to almost always make the semi-rude straw slurp to verify I am getting every mL of iced coffee into my blood stream.
It's amazing.

As a woman who hasn't had creamer in her coffee regularly for many months, its like taking long sips of fantabulous juice.
Love it.
Maybe it's just a craving and it will pass as I progress farther in my pregnancy (Gosh I hope not. I love me some iced coffee).
But either way I'm riding this iced coffee bean beverage wave for every sip it's worth.

And I'm out.
(**Shakes her 90% empty plastic coffee cup annoyingly so as not to miss one drop of awesome sauce**)

Hello life.

I've been absent. No reasons really. Mostly life and laziness in regards to blogging. But boy, have things changed. Jet Pilot is on deployment. Set to return sometime next year hopefully by Spring.
The baby finally weaned and I was excited until my womanly joys returned.
Happy times over.
But don't worry, I took care of that...two weeks later--I got pregnant.
Yep, pregnant with the 4th baby Dill.
While always open to more kids this one definitely came as our surprise! Our little will be less than two years apart. Cray cray I know. But I'm excited. So is everyone else.
Jet Pilot says we are done now. Lol.
We as a family all went Paleo. No grains, no dairy, no beans, and no processed sugars. Initially it was miserable, then it got better. Kids kind of fought us initially but now they are over it. I've lost 35lbs on it, Jet Pilot lost like 25lbs. I think the weight loss also helped in conceiving. It took so long between the boys to get pregnant and I credit my unhealthy life style to a huge part of that.
However, now that I am pregnant- I am definitely feelings some cravings going on. The non-Paleo cravings.

It's hard not to be down about it. But I'm trying to be optimistic.

Since our squadron is on deployment our family has been hanging around with fellow VFA-41 spouses and kids, it's a nice set up. Different and eclectic but good. I feel old though around them sometimes, I think that's my own insecurities.

I miss Jet Pilot. I'm so incredibly proud of him and so glad he's finally doing what he's trained so hard for. But I miss my best friend. It will get easier right?

Sigh. Off to workout--I have a race this weekend that's not going to run itself.

Literary love and me. It happened.

I'm am officially rejoining the land of functional human beings. I took a little over 24 hours off to read THE ENTIRE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY.
In less than 24 hours.
Entire thing.

It was mesmerizing. I think the books are actually targeted towards younger adults/teens but holy cannoli-I loved it. I made the mistake of watching the movie before I actually read the book and I was initially worried that one or the other would fall short. Creative liberties and all that. But that wasn't the case. It was pretty true to story line and highlighted all the things I loved about the first book.
And I have a literary crush on Peeta. I love him for Katniss. Like want to hold his hand and tell him to fight for love..
Yes I am that lame.
So incredibly lame that as I was walking to the gym for my workout class I was reading my Kindle and pushing the stroller because I just had to know what happened.
I definitely got a bit of razzing from my workout class about that. Lol. But I don't care. I HAD to know what happened.

However, now I'm reading complete. So it's back to our regularly scheduled program of laundry, mothering and normal day to day Dill chaos.

Sigh. Until the next book sucks me in and renders me near useless.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Dear Creepy Parents at school who don't leave until the bell rings to signify school starting,

You are a bit of a weirdo.
A-we live on base and while that's a slightly irrational sense of safety it's still infinitely safer than out in town.

B-some of your kids are older than mine, let them be. Every kid needs some parent free time.

C- I feel like you are a creeper/lurker--go home.
Go to Starbucks, enjoy the fact that your baby is enjoying the beginning of their school day.

And enjoy your morning. Sans a kid. Or two.

The parent who rolls out the second the babies are in the playground and playing with their friends.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

The rabbit from Alice

Is what I felt like today.
I'm late, I'm late for a very important date.

Post workout (which by the way is insanely hard and always a challenge--even though I've been coming to the same class for almost a year!) I went to the park in our subdivision to chit chat with a dear friend while simultaneously recovering for our HIIT class and apparently we can't keep track of time. We were all up in the conversation zone and she glances down at her watch then screams---"it's 11:15!".
Our kids get out of kinder on base at 11:20.
And of course I walked to the park--and with no time to run home to jump on my bike (or my lovely air conditioned van); I am forced to run there.
It's only 1/2 mile run to school, but still. I was definitely in the recovery zone. So I threw the baby back into the stroller, said a quick good bye over my shoulder and off I went. I should have tracked my space with the app on my phone because seriously, I felt like I was flying down the streets to school.
But I made it in time for Kinder dismissal. Phew.
Here is my post workout, post sprint picture.

I think (with the help of Instagram) it portrays my super sweaty, overly tired, face.

**Note to self--WEAR A WATCH!!**

Real life.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Ten years ago today I skipped out of Cryptological Technician Technical Training School, threw on a pink dress from Wet Seal and drove through downtown Pensacola giddy and happy with an overdressed 19 year boy.
We got lost. Couldn't find the courthouse. Typical.
Once we found it we had to fill out paperwork, read a pamphlet and verbally agree to what we were doing. Then wait in line because there were people in front of us.

After what seemed like eons a small middle aged lady called us into a small room with a desk and got the party started.
This wonderful civil servant performed my magical marriage ceremony. It took about 10 minutes, sounded a bit over rehearsed and mundane but I remember the butterflies, fireworks, bliss and pure joy that was welling up in every cell of my body. It was spectacular.
We exchanged rings, she yaddi, yaddi, yaddi'd through some more formalities and then BLAM-we were husband and wife.
It was amazing.
I remember running out of the office hand in hand with Jet Pilot and being so excited. It was done. We had done it. I had a husband. He had a wife. FOOORRR EEVVEEERRR.

For our "reception" dinner we went to Subway and split a 12 inch sub sandwich.
The next day we went back to school and work like nothing had changed. But it had. Our lives as we knew them were now a combined entity. For eternity, in this life and the next.

Now three kids, two dogs and a minivan, here we sit--more in love, happier and still completely glued at the hip (well, as much as the flight schedule allows..) I love the Jet Pilot dude more today than I could have ever imagined a decade ago. I never thought our life would be this full, awesome, or chaotic
ten years ago...but I am abundantly glad it is. It is an awesome life we have found ourselves in and my daily prayers consistently thank the Lord that He led me to the Jet Pilot.
Jet Pilot, you are an exceptional man who humbles me with your grace and love for our children, and your dedication to your job brings tears to to my eyes every time I hear Jet Noise.

I love yesterday, today and forever.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow that we met and fell in love that fateful night at Corry Station on a park bench after C.O.R.E.

Everyday since running out of that courthouse hand in hand with you has been blissfully's to many more wonderful Anniversaries my love!

I love you!

Friday, March 2, 2012

We hold hands. And we like it

Love him. He's growing so fast. Tiny perfect baby fingers. Love him.

Did I mention how cute his little hand is? Love him more.

I know, I know. But I'm his mom and I'm supposed to embarrass him with over coddling and mushy, lovey stuff.
Soo..I love him more.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Phew. We made it.

It's official.
Jet Pilot is done with flight school and is now deemed ready to go out into a real Navy fleet squadron and do what he does best.
Fghter Pilot-y stuff.
He had his "patching" ceremony (when all the newly finished pilots stand in front of family and fellow jet pilot friends, get an embarrassing bio read about them and their time at the training squadron then the Commanding Officer politely asks...does anyone want to claim THIS ONE? To which an actual FLEET Squadron Pilot who just happens to be there speaks up and says...we'll take em! The fleet guy comes up to the newbie fleet pilot (aka my husband) rips off his old squadron patch from his flight suit and puts his new "home" squadron patch on.
It was great. I cried. But I always cry, I'm a sap.
There were embarrassing comments, references to his call sign, and other hilarity through out the whole

And as it turns we are like one of seven pilot folks who are going to this new squadron together. We got into VFA-41 Black Aces out of Lemoore, CA. Which means we are staying here for a few more years!! Yay!! We are excited!

To top it off the Black Aces just got home from deployment this weekend so we went out there to watch all the families of the pilots be reunited with one another. It was so amazing to see kids run to their daddies who they've missed for so long and jump into their arms-priceless. And tear evoking. There wasn't a dry eye on the flight line.
And somber at the same time. It made me realize I'm going to have to bring the helpmeet heat over these next few years in ways I never imagined I would. Let's do it.
I'm always up for a challenge to be better tomorrow than I was today.

Plus, we are going into a good squadron with good people and I am looking forward to meeting other women who truly get the load on my
plate. It will be refreshing. Not to mention a very dear, sweet friend of mine also had a husband who is going into the Black Aces and I am hoping we can spend more time together. I love Mrs. S!

I never thought this day would come. It seemed at times like we (I say we like I actually SET foot in ANY aircraft platform since 2008 when this whole process started) were meant to be in flight school forever. But Jet Pilot did like he always does and worked hard, did well, and owned that flight school business. I'm like, proud-normous of him.
Yeah, that's a word. A compound word. I made it up. Right now.

Jet Pilot, God's plan for you (and us) has been more awesome and amazing than I could ever imagined. Our children are always striving to emulate your intelligence and humor, our friends value your thoughtful opinions and I am so blessed every day to have you as my eternal best friend and soulmate. There is a fantastic plan that has been laid out for us, and I look forward to walking that path with you and our littles.

Now angle bank left, call the ball, and max throttle your spunky, motivated, self into the inner workings of your new "home".

I love you. Good job honey face. Only took 7 years. Lol. **shrugs**

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Buurrthday Shubee!

She's getting old on me.
Today we celebrated in giant bounce house style the birth of my first born.
She turned eight earlier this week but we waited until this weekend to celebrate her birthday. It was a smashing success.

And as I watched her jump as bounce and giggle, I got a little nostalgic and sad. I remember when she was just a tiny baby ball of sweetness and snuggly joy. Now she's blossoming into a young lady who's concern and caring for everyone around her makes me question what I did to deserve a kid so awesome.
She is gentle and patient with her little brothers even though it seems like their personal mission in life is to take her things and hide them. Or chew on them.
She makes me laugh with her wry sense of humor and makes me cry with how spiritual she is.
Her brain works just like her dad's but everyone tells her she is a mini me.
I love her with every cell in my body and I am excited and anxious to see the wonderful lady she is to grow into.
She surprises me in a good way and is always attentive to her parents teachings. She lends an ear to a friend and starts to cry when someone she cares about has been wronged or hurt.

She loves ice cream, chocolate, and sleeping in my room when dad is out of town. She hates brussels sprouts and combing her hair. I call her my little hippie because she loves the stars, organic food, and recycling.

Baby girl, you make everything in this life better. You are a light and amazing role model to your little siblings, and an inspiration to your parents to be better. We are so blessed to have you in our lives and I pray for you to always put God first, love without abandon and find joy in all things. I hope you enjoyed this birthday party and always remain humble and gracious.

Thanks for being my kid. We love you.
And we love your wild, crazy, "I just combed it but it still looks like bed head" hair.

Happy Birthday darling baby! May your 8th year be the best one yet!!

P.S. "Shubee" is one of her nicknames. It was one of her first gibberish words that she said as a baby and she always used to yell it at her dad when he held her. And it stuck. We love it.
And her.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Artsy craftsy in the best kinda way

My oldest is my creative artist. Always knee deep in a craft, project or just daydreaming these outrageous ideas that are just waiting to come to fruition.

I try to encourage it and be patient when we are surrounded by glitter, felt, markers, tissue paper, foam etc but honestly; sometimes I just don't get it.
She takes creative to a whole 'nother level.

And then she goes and makes these masterpieces:

Aren't they awesome? She called them "cool cards" or "personality cards" (she's really not into labels and doesn't let them hinder her creativity :)
But basically they are little cards that Bonnie has drawn that highlight and describe each person in our family.

Each person in the family got one but since the kids cards have their names on them I am not going to post them until I can blur them out-yes I am a weirdo like that. Now naturally since Jet Pilot IS a Jet Pilot his card is awesome and sleek looking with a man "plane surfing" on a jet (cuz that could happen ya know?)

The baby's card says he is a milk monster and it has the word "Sleerrrp" on it...she says that's the sound your straw makes when you suck up the last of a drink from you cup. Yet, my baby is a nursing baby--so he doesn't drink from a cup...but she says that's the sound I should make when he is done nursing.
Twisted sense of humor, this kid.

Clyde's picture has him hitting a home run at a packed stadium because we love all things baseball in this house. His caricature also has a huge bat that if it were actually really would be very disproportionate to the ACTUAL size my 4 year old is. But whatever. In ink drawings you can skew reality like that. It's cool.

When we got the little cards there was a small part of me that was like "really another project to hang on the wall?". But since they have been taped up on our walls I find myself going about my daily life stopping occasionally to gaze at one of these drawings and my heart melts.

She is so kind to take time out of her day and highlight something special about all of the members of her family. I also find it endearing the perceptions she has of us and our roles in this house. And I secretly wish I was doing a "cool trick" on my card. But in reality I guess no one can do a cool trick while folding laundry or nursing a baby or a organizing a hall closet. It would be nice though.

My kid is artsy and I DO LOVE IT.
Now I just need to repeat to self again and again.
Like 829568261 more times.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Heavy heart

As of late I have had the comings and goings of a heavy heart. Unless you have been under a rock recently you know that 2 F/A-18 Pilots died recently. There was a shooting in Coronado (the small resorty islandish city off the coast of San Diego) on New Years Day.

Now when you get to where we are in Aviation training it soon becomes apparent that everyone knows everyone. Mainly because all these pilots have been stationed together at one point or another.

And it is with a heavy heart that I say we knew one of those pilots affected by this incident in San Diego. Bob Reeves. He went through training in Mississippi with us. He was actually in Jet Pilot's class and went to the Aircraft Carrier to get qualified on the boat with him.

I happened to find out about the story because I read it on the Internet (without all the names initially) and being that the Aviator pool is so small and the fact that we actually know several pilots who live in San Diego I texted Jet Pilot and asked him to call Bob and make sure he was ok. I'm really not sure why I was so adamant that Jet Pilot do this I just felt this weird sense of urgency. When Jet Pilot finally called me back he told me the news, Bob was one of the people who was dead and all the details were still sketchy but it didn't look good.

I'm not going to rehash the details of the story, that's what Google
Is for, and honestly it's so sad I don't want to dredge it up again.

The authorities are saying Bob committed this horrible act, for that I have no words- he was a friend and nice guy and always seemed happy around us.

I do not know how to take all I am giving it over to the Lord and asking for His hands to touch the minds and hearts affected by all this senseless tragedy.

I pray for the three families who's loved ones are gone, and I pray tonight for all the pilots who knew one or both of these Aviators. As a friend and co-worker I'm sure there are a multitude of questions or concerns that have rolled around in their heads and I pray for their peace of mind. God's plan is always at work.

I went back and forth as to whether or not I should publish this post but thanks to a good friend I decided I should. And honestly, I'm glad I did. It's like a load has been lifted-closure, or something.

So tonight hug your littles, kiss your spouse and never take it all for granted.
Because it could all be gone in a flash.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Against the grain. The flushing of the toilet grain.

Alright--please tell me I am not the only mother out there who is constantly going behind her children and....

It's like my kids shun flushing. It's taboo or something.

I am all for being green, shrinking your carbon footprint, waste less, reuse more but personally I have to draw the line somewhere. And using that shiny silver handle is that somewhere.

Its driving me bonkers!!
(now to the credit of my children--lately I have been a little stressed, under slept and sluggish, but still!)

Tell me to get over it, tell me it's not that big of a deal. It's a menial task that takes .00047 of a microsecond to complete.

So do tell, do your kids also FIGHT THE FLUSH tooth and nail?