Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello life.

I've been absent. No reasons really. Mostly life and laziness in regards to blogging. But boy, have things changed. Jet Pilot is on deployment. Set to return sometime next year hopefully by Spring.
The baby finally weaned and I was excited until my womanly joys returned.
Happy times over.
But don't worry, I took care of that...two weeks later--I got pregnant.
Yep, pregnant with the 4th baby Dill.
While always open to more kids this one definitely came as our surprise! Our little will be less than two years apart. Cray cray I know. But I'm excited. So is everyone else.
Jet Pilot says we are done now. Lol.
We as a family all went Paleo. No grains, no dairy, no beans, and no processed sugars. Initially it was miserable, then it got better. Kids kind of fought us initially but now they are over it. I've lost 35lbs on it, Jet Pilot lost like 25lbs. I think the weight loss also helped in conceiving. It took so long between the boys to get pregnant and I credit my unhealthy life style to a huge part of that.
However, now that I am pregnant- I am definitely feelings some cravings going on. The non-Paleo cravings.

It's hard not to be down about it. But I'm trying to be optimistic.

Since our squadron is on deployment our family has been hanging around with fellow VFA-41 spouses and kids, it's a nice set up. Different and eclectic but good. I feel old though around them sometimes, I think that's my own insecurities.

I miss Jet Pilot. I'm so incredibly proud of him and so glad he's finally doing what he's trained so hard for. But I miss my best friend. It will get easier right?

Sigh. Off to workout--I have a race this weekend that's not going to run itself.

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Cindi Thornton said...

YOU...and your family....amaze me. I am so beyond proud of you guys, and what you accomplish because you set your minds to it! It makes people like me, who want to whine about such trivial things....rethink it all, and realize that I am blessed, and I need to set my mind to bigger and better things and strive to accomplish them...cause wow, I want to be all grown up like YOU! (Says the 47 year old mom to 2 adults, and 4 grandchildren, lol)