Monday, September 24, 2012

The rabbit from Alice

Is what I felt like today.
I'm late, I'm late for a very important date.

Post workout (which by the way is insanely hard and always a challenge--even though I've been coming to the same class for almost a year!) I went to the park in our subdivision to chit chat with a dear friend while simultaneously recovering for our HIIT class and apparently we can't keep track of time. We were all up in the conversation zone and she glances down at her watch then screams---"it's 11:15!".
Our kids get out of kinder on base at 11:20.
And of course I walked to the park--and with no time to run home to jump on my bike (or my lovely air conditioned van); I am forced to run there.
It's only 1/2 mile run to school, but still. I was definitely in the recovery zone. So I threw the baby back into the stroller, said a quick good bye over my shoulder and off I went. I should have tracked my space with the app on my phone because seriously, I felt like I was flying down the streets to school.
But I made it in time for Kinder dismissal. Phew.
Here is my post workout, post sprint picture.

I think (with the help of Instagram) it portrays my super sweaty, overly tired, face.

**Note to self--WEAR A WATCH!!**

Real life.

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