Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Uno Café por favor...

I feel like Nancy would appear I can not function without the token Iced Coffee beverage in hand. And I appear to almost always make the semi-rude straw slurp to verify I am getting every mL of iced coffee into my blood stream.
It's amazing.

As a woman who hasn't had creamer in her coffee regularly for many months, its like taking long sips of fantabulous juice.
Love it.
Maybe it's just a craving and it will pass as I progress farther in my pregnancy (Gosh I hope not. I love me some iced coffee).
But either way I'm riding this iced coffee bean beverage wave for every sip it's worth.

And I'm out.
(**Shakes her 90% empty plastic coffee cup annoyingly so as not to miss one drop of awesome sauce**)

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