Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Literary love and me. It happened.

I'm am officially rejoining the land of functional human beings. I took a little over 24 hours off to read THE ENTIRE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY.
In less than 24 hours.
Entire thing.

It was mesmerizing. I think the books are actually targeted towards younger adults/teens but holy cannoli-I loved it. I made the mistake of watching the movie before I actually read the book and I was initially worried that one or the other would fall short. Creative liberties and all that. But that wasn't the case. It was pretty true to story line and highlighted all the things I loved about the first book.
And I have a literary crush on Peeta. I love him for Katniss. Like want to hold his hand and tell him to fight for love..
Yes I am that lame.
So incredibly lame that as I was walking to the gym for my workout class I was reading my Kindle and pushing the stroller because I just had to know what happened.
I definitely got a bit of razzing from my workout class about that. Lol. But I don't care. I HAD to know what happened.

However, now I'm reading complete. So it's back to our regularly scheduled program of laundry, mothering and normal day to day Dill chaos.

Sigh. Until the next book sucks me in and renders me near useless.

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Brittany Short said...

YAY! I read them in 24 hours also! I just finished 2 other series that are YA sets. The fallen star series and the fallen series. Fallen series is by Lauren Kate and the other is by Jessica something... These are both easy reads that suck you in. Life can be so dramatic and chaotic and for some reason the simplicity of the young adult books just draws me in.