Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Ten years ago today I skipped out of Cryptological Technician Technical Training School, threw on a pink dress from Wet Seal and drove through downtown Pensacola giddy and happy with an overdressed 19 year boy.
We got lost. Couldn't find the courthouse. Typical.
Once we found it we had to fill out paperwork, read a pamphlet and verbally agree to what we were doing. Then wait in line because there were people in front of us.

After what seemed like eons a small middle aged lady called us into a small room with a desk and got the party started.
This wonderful civil servant performed my magical marriage ceremony. It took about 10 minutes, sounded a bit over rehearsed and mundane but I remember the butterflies, fireworks, bliss and pure joy that was welling up in every cell of my body. It was spectacular.
We exchanged rings, she yaddi, yaddi, yaddi'd through some more formalities and then BLAM-we were husband and wife.
It was amazing.
I remember running out of the office hand in hand with Jet Pilot and being so excited. It was done. We had done it. I had a husband. He had a wife. FOOORRR EEVVEEERRR.

For our "reception" dinner we went to Subway and split a 12 inch sub sandwich.
The next day we went back to school and work like nothing had changed. But it had. Our lives as we knew them were now a combined entity. For eternity, in this life and the next.

Now three kids, two dogs and a minivan, here we sit--more in love, happier and still completely glued at the hip (well, as much as the flight schedule allows..) I love the Jet Pilot dude more today than I could have ever imagined a decade ago. I never thought our life would be this full, awesome, or chaotic
ten years ago...but I am abundantly glad it is. It is an awesome life we have found ourselves in and my daily prayers consistently thank the Lord that He led me to the Jet Pilot.
Jet Pilot, you are an exceptional man who humbles me with your grace and love for our children, and your dedication to your job brings tears to to my eyes every time I hear Jet Noise.

I love yesterday, today and forever.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow that we met and fell in love that fateful night at Corry Station on a park bench after C.O.R.E.

Everyday since running out of that courthouse hand in hand with you has been blissfully's to many more wonderful Anniversaries my love!

I love you!


BarretoMama said...

I loved reading this. Thanks navy girl and cOngrats to yOu both!

Cindi S World said...

Wow, I totally love this! And you!