Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bones to pick...

Dear Hot Wheels Corporation,
If you were a person I would punch you in the face. Thanks to your flimsy and semi idiotic double sided tape the wall anchor for our wall tracks super awesome, life changing, had to have set fell off the wall sometime in the 6 hours I was out of the house today. Then, after corralling my clan to bedtime, I went like a total spaz to check on them again and make sure everyone was still breathing.
They were.
So I ever so NOT GINGERLY step on a DUMB WALL ANCHOR AND NEARLY BREAK MY NECK IN MY HALLWAY on the way back to my bedroom.
My wide foot and heavy ehh uhhhmm broke the wall anchor into pieces and I proceeded to say a slew of words that were conduct unbecoming a mom of 3.5 children.

So in closing Hot Wheels, get your self together and put some stronger tape in your wall tracks packaging.

Your truly,
The somewhat oblivious to random hallway debris, temper tantrum throwing lady with a permanent wall anchor indenture on the bottom of her right foot. Kaythanksbye.


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