Thursday, October 25, 2012

That's my boy

Tonight my biggest dude prayed our nightly family prayer. The first thing he prayed
"Please keep all the people in VFA-41 safe and happy and healthy..."

He went on to specifically ask for the safety and happy heart for our dad In VFA-41. So sweet.

Just when I think nothing is getting through and his whole mission in life is to disobey and be loud--he comes through for me. That there is a kindness in his heart for others. He let's me know that something IS getting through his thick skull, in a good way.

Thank you Jesus. Because more often than not, I am questioning how many times a day I will repeat the same phrase to him before my head explodes.

Thank you oldest son, for renewing my faith that all my praying and mentoring and attempts to be patient are not in vain. You are a sweet boy with a good soul--and I needed to be reminded of that today. Love you.

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