Thursday, January 19, 2012

Artsy craftsy in the best kinda way

My oldest is my creative artist. Always knee deep in a craft, project or just daydreaming these outrageous ideas that are just waiting to come to fruition.

I try to encourage it and be patient when we are surrounded by glitter, felt, markers, tissue paper, foam etc but honestly; sometimes I just don't get it.
She takes creative to a whole 'nother level.

And then she goes and makes these masterpieces:

Aren't they awesome? She called them "cool cards" or "personality cards" (she's really not into labels and doesn't let them hinder her creativity :)
But basically they are little cards that Bonnie has drawn that highlight and describe each person in our family.

Each person in the family got one but since the kids cards have their names on them I am not going to post them until I can blur them out-yes I am a weirdo like that. Now naturally since Jet Pilot IS a Jet Pilot his card is awesome and sleek looking with a man "plane surfing" on a jet (cuz that could happen ya know?)

The baby's card says he is a milk monster and it has the word "Sleerrrp" on it...she says that's the sound your straw makes when you suck up the last of a drink from you cup. Yet, my baby is a nursing baby--so he doesn't drink from a cup...but she says that's the sound I should make when he is done nursing.
Twisted sense of humor, this kid.

Clyde's picture has him hitting a home run at a packed stadium because we love all things baseball in this house. His caricature also has a huge bat that if it were actually really would be very disproportionate to the ACTUAL size my 4 year old is. But whatever. In ink drawings you can skew reality like that. It's cool.

When we got the little cards there was a small part of me that was like "really another project to hang on the wall?". But since they have been taped up on our walls I find myself going about my daily life stopping occasionally to gaze at one of these drawings and my heart melts.

She is so kind to take time out of her day and highlight something special about all of the members of her family. I also find it endearing the perceptions she has of us and our roles in this house. And I secretly wish I was doing a "cool trick" on my card. But in reality I guess no one can do a cool trick while folding laundry or nursing a baby or a organizing a hall closet. It would be nice though.

My kid is artsy and I DO LOVE IT.
Now I just need to repeat to self again and again.
Like 829568261 more times.

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Down Roads Less Traveled said...

VERY AWESOME!! And you are doing the coolest thing any person can do. Raising a God fearing family in all of it's DILLY Awesomeness!