Monday, April 19, 2010

Clyde on the Bike

So Clyde has been riding a big boy bike since we lived in Florida but I always forget to get video of it. We bought him a very loved Huffy from a yard sale in Milton months ago but Shooter chewed the pedal off shortly after we got here to Mississippi (I know, I love dogs when they do things like that!!)--luckily Clyde is a very loved grandson and got a brand new one for Christmas.

This video was taken about a month ago, and you can't tell in the video but he is making the sad face because I asked him to go slow so I could take some video of him, usually when he is on his bike he is blazin fast because he is chasing his sister, shooting something with his water "dun", or racing with the other neighborhood kids. Today Jet Pilot got to see Clyde in full bicycle mode and he could not believe how fast our 2 YEAR OLD son was pedaling. He is FAST.

We are both firmly planted in the belief that Clyde will have his training wheels off before Bonnie does, but she is our methodical child...Clyde is always throwing caution to the wind.

Its his style-wild, banshee, whenever the urge hits Clyde just embraces it-which is good for his confidence, bad for his mama...I swear I am going to go gray before 30 because of of that kid.

But I love him-LOTS, more and more each day.

So do it up Clyde, because mama said so!!!