Thursday, April 15, 2010


I decided to do it...well I guess technically NOT do it any more-shampoo my hair I mean. I have been reading all kinds of green and crunchy blogs lately, like this one and this one done my research and it has got me to realize that I am unhappy with some of these more conventional "normal" ways of doing things. I feel like the Lord and the Holy Spirit are pushing this more earth conciuous, vegan wannabe grace filled woman to the surface and are slowly but surely kickin that icky Flesh Woman out!! And I couldn't be more pleased!!! Like a moth to a flame I feel myself pondering more and more the health affects of green smoothies in my life, homeschool in my future and P90X (I know...exercise..why can't I just love it like some people?). So I am taking this first baby step to see how the other earth friendly, self sustaining side lives...and if I like it then buh bye SHAMPOO!!! But I deviate from the real purpose of this post-NO POO.

So the method I am using is one found on one of my new favorite blogs which can be found here- I am using method #3. Basically what the breakdown is- there are quite a few ingredients found in A LOT of shampoos that are posing potentially serious health effects, not to mention damaging to the environment. And really what are the options-don't wash your hair...uhhmmm no not in my case, buy all natural or organic shampoos-sure, great now only if I lived in a city large enough to warrant an all natural grocery store...(or a Target for that matter), or in my case option #3-give up traditional shampoos and find the REAL all natural route to getting my locks clean and shiny. Option three demands that I "make" my own no poo, no biggie- vinegar, cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract (looked for whole beans but c'mon I do live in a tiny town), baking soda and water. I kinda just dab and pinched my way thru the no poo recipe. (I think I may have to adjust my baking soda pinches but oh well it was cheap to make ; p). Here are my RAW ingredients:
and here
and here are my finished projects (I know I know I labelled them like a dork but I can't help it...I need things to be orderly...or at least look that way!!)
I am taking a shower now and I will take pics in the morning of my dry no-poo'd hair. WISH ME LUCK!!!!

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Cindi S World said...

Wow! I cannot wait to hear and see how this goes for you!! AWESOME!