Wednesday, December 22, 2010

He made it!!!

I have been on a serious hiatus lately.  With the baby growing and me being exhausted and Jet Pilot finishing up Flight School it has been BEYOND CRAZY!!  
BBBUUUUTTTT.....through it all God has seen fit to bless us abundantly again.  
Naval Tradition dictates that when the student Aviator completes their final flight in Advanced Flight School their loved ones get to HOSE THEM DOWN WITH A FIRE HOSE as their form of congrats!!  (Crazy right??) 
But as one of his loved ones, I am totally down.  LOL. 
After that water show, the Big Kahuna (CO or XO at the squadron) pins "Soft Wings" (nametag with actual Aviator wings on them, its just unofficial until the Winging Ceremony) on the Student and welcomes them as part of the crew now.  The Naval Aviator Crew.  
Bonnie getting ready to spray Dad
Jet Pilot was running to get his "Wetting Down"
And she got him!!
The XO changing out his name tage
And then "tacking" it on, so it stays!
The Executive Officer (2nd in Command for the squadron) came out and switched Jet Pilot's name tag from Student to Winged Aviator.
The final BEAUTIFUL "Soft Winged" product!
It was a great day for Jet Pilot, well for all of us really and we were so blessed to celebrate with our friends.  The next steps are finding out what type of plane Jet Pilot is going to fly, where we will be stationed and pretty much determines how we will be spending the next 10+ years of our life. 
No pressure right.
But in my heart of hearts I know God has an AMAZING plan for us and I know that letting Him take charge (even though I really do enjoy leading the helm on our is the best thing. 

Stay tuned for the results of our next adventure!!

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Melissa said...

The loved ones spraying the pilot down with a fire, there's probably a story behind that, lol.

Congrats to Jet Pilot again. Great job!