Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Next Step-Selection

Six years ago when Jet Pilot and I were both in the Navy we went to a Blue Angels Airshow and toured all the planes.  As luck would have it the Air Wing that I had deployed with was the one who's planes were on display at this particular airshow.  We walked around and I chatted up with all the pilots that I had previously become very familiar with (after all you spend 6 months with someone and try to NOT become friends thru it all), it was at this time, this day, these hours that a dream was born.  Jet Pilot looked over at me and said "I think I could do cool would it be if I could become a Fighter Jet Pilot?" 
And like the good wife I agreed. 
This conversation sparked a series of events that have 1000% changed our lives in a very short amount of time.  From the beginning he always wanted to fly the F/A-18, now if you are not a super Aviation geek then you may not know all this but there are about 3493 types of F/A-18's. 
Well not that many but you know what I mean. 
And from the beginning he always wanted to fly the F/A-18.

So fast forward 3 years and we are here.  Jet Pilot is still in school (Navy or civilian), learning one Naval Aviation-ish thing or another and STILL wanting to fly F/A-18's.  And I want him to fly those scary awesome and amazing planes.  Fast forward a bit more to me sitting in a Navy conference room (with our friends the "G" Family, the Navy wife who helped me survive the carrier qual week) complete with a Ping Pong table, Navy dudes and a popcorn machine waiting to see what decisions the Good Lord would bestow upon us as our next adventure. 

Not my ideal location-but again, what the heck do I know right?

As the CO walked in and started swapping out old arm patches for new ones that showed the type of plane the guys were going fly I could literally feel myself on the verge of puking.

It was soo bad I asked the other wife in the room to hold my hand...and to slap me if I looked like I needed it, lol, yes I am that much of a basket case.  I used to be tough, I swear.  First guy to get his patches swapped out-BLAM gets his first choice platform and location!  Second guy-FIRST CHOICE platform and location again!  Literally like 30 seconds has passed at this point but in my head it might as well have been 30 years...I don't think I was breathing.

Then my husband's turn, (can you tell I am green at this point?), deep breaths, woo-saah, (swallow the puke) and the CO SLAPS ON THIS:

I didn't cry (much) but I was soo ecstatic for the husband that I don't think I could form coherent words...although I know I announced that I was going to pee in my pants from all the stress and build up and excitement.  Cuz they don't think I am crazy enough right?
That's disbelief/joy in his face
So we will be moving to California very soon and we are all so excited.  Nervous. Relieved.  Blessed. Extraordinarily blessed.  It has been an amazing ride and I am eternally grateful that the Lord has blessed me to be the one at Jet Pilot's side through this awesome journey.  Its a wonderful, amazing life.  
Now he is pumped about it!
Its the only kind of life that I can see myself living, cuz after all--change is good.  And with the Military-change is inevitable.
Happy Family post-Selection!!  WE ARE GOING TO CA!!!

The last thing left is the official ceremony.  To put it all in stone and cement it into the fabric of our lives forever.  I can't wait.  None of us can.  We have family coming in from out of town and they are all going to help us celebrate this momentous occasion.

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Melissa said...

What a fantastic story, Lacy! My eyes teared up a little when he got The Patch!

Congrats to Jet Pilot! That is so awesome.

Great family pic! You are looking healthy and good!