Thursday, December 9, 2010

Me and my love Rite Aid

I went to Rite Aid with intentions of doing a Garnier deal and a picture frame/photo album deal but the frames were not on sale at my store so I nixed that the second I walked in the door. I live near one small Rite Aid with not a lot of stock but I try to make it work. Plus the whole staff at Rite Aid is amazingly awesome and coupon friendly. So I don't mind the lack of stock, it all evens out. I was hoping to find 3+ Blonde dyes in stock for my mom but they only had 2 so I grabbed some other colors and just figured I would give away to my neighbors or sister in Washington.

Transaction #1
5 Garnier hair dyes-- $5.99
1 Garnier Face Wash-- $4.49
2 Revlon nail polishes-- $4.79 and $2.39

Coupons I used:
2 $2/1 Garnier hair dye q's from Flu Booklet
1 $2/1 Garnier VV q
2 $1/1 Garnier VV q
1 $2/1 Garnier Face Wash VV q
2 $3/1 Revlon Nail Polish RA q
3 $3/1 Garnier hair dye IP's from (printed last month I think)
2 Free Product Q's from Garnier freebie on FB?

Subtotal: -.36 cents
Tax: $2.56
Total OOP: $2.20 in change!!

I planned on spending UP+'s in this transaction but like always I was a smidge off in my math and my subtotal was just a few cents so oh well just paid in change and went on to transaction #2.

Earned $19 in UP+'s for next time

Transaction #2:
1 Contour USB Meter-- $29.99 (with raincheck)
7 Wet N Wild Nail Polishes-- $1.99
2 Trident Gum-- $2.00
1 M&M's-- $1.59
1 Snickers-- .50
FYI: All the candy (not pictured) was a last minute filler, if I was smarter I would have gotten more nail polish to generate more UP+'s but I am not that smart. Blame the hormones. Meh.

Coupons I used:
$40/1 Contour VV q

Subtotal: .01
Tax: $2.80
Total OOP: $2.81 in change!!

I way figured my totals wrong and ended up needing $4 more in merchandise, like I said previously if I would have been smart I would have gotten more nail polishes and in turn gotten more UP+'s. Couple that with the fact I had no idea the nail polish was ringing up B1G1 50% was a mess. But I didn't spend any UP+'s and earned some so it's all profit. I guess. I have half a mind to return the candy and get nail I'm a spaz I know.

Earned $6 UP+'s for next time.

Did I mention I love Rite Aid?? Cuz I do. Is it weird to love a drug store?? Cuz I do.


Cindi S World said...

I finally learn how to "work" cvs, now ya got me wishin I had a rite aid too!

starbucksgirl said...

Is it weird that I love a drugstore too? LOL.

Sincerely, your pal Kelly at WestCoastSavings

starbucksgirl said...

Sadly, the $5/25 are not ringing up in my market anymore. They stopped working Sunday in most of the stores. I went yesterday and they still worked at one store and then I went today and my favorite store transitioned to having the coupon ring up as .1 cent. The end of an era has come. It was a super fun ride though so I'm still thankful.

starbucksgirl said...

Oh, and rock on with that Contour USB Meter raincheck. Awesome!

Navy_Frugalista said...

Kelly thanks for reading!! You were such a reason that I started doin this so the fact that you think I am rocking the deals...kinda makes me feel like I know a RA/PUBLIX Celebrity!!! LOL!!