Saturday, January 12, 2013


Officially.  Unofficially.
We made it to the halfway point in our deployment.   I say "OUR" like I am the one forwarded deployed to the Middle East to drive big jets.
You get the gist.

And not to sound cliché but it seems like it went by fast.
However if you ask some of my closest and best friends--they will probably tell you I moped for entirely too long, looked like crap and ate fast food way too often.
Guilty as charged.  Did that.  Owned it.  Cried A LOT of tears.  Its I roll.

I guess in hindsight it sounds like it went by fast.  I think it also helps that I am feeling AND looking WAY pregnant which to me is a better marker of the time because I know that the husband will be returning around the same time the baby is set to be arriving.

We are hopeful he will be home before the baby comes but you know how that goes--the military does things in their own time and I respect that.  Kind of.
Well, maybe not respect but I have been on the other side of the coin so I can relate.  Kind of.


I miss my husband.  He's kind of a fly guy.  Like cool, fly--not fly fly..well that kind too but you know what I mean.  Our home is definitely different without him around.  I am different.  I cry a lot.  And I pray a lot.
But there is sunshine on the horizon.

In other news, kids are great, growing and eating and growing and then eating some more.  Its so "mind bottling" to think that we will be growing this clan by +1.  Another baby.  I do love babies.  They always feel and smell great.  I wanna snuggle babies so hard.  Always.  Its like a secret addiction.
5 year old boys on the other hand--they have a musk all their own and truly its one only a mother could love- sometimes.
I would love to stay and blab more about the eleventy bajillion things that have happened since I last blogged but since 2nd trimester hit I have turned into PeePee McGee and have a bladder the size of a Lego piece.  Plus-- my sink looks like a standard scene from Hoarders with the major dish pile up.  Its like dirty dishes fornicate and birth in my sink over the span of .0068 minutes.
Sad face.
And since I haven't had the good luck to meet my fairy godmothers with the magic brooms that do dishes-responsibility falls on this guy. (Points thumbs at self)

So I guess I'm out this piece.  Like a BOSS.  Who's husband has hit the halfway point of deployment.
That just happened.


Cindi Thornton said...

Wow! I am very happy for you guys that it is halfway over...and excited to see another beautiful Dill baby!

Janelle Vannice said...

Hi! I'm Janelle, and I found your blog while searching for military spouse blogs. I am marrying my Airman next year, and I'm really glad I found your blog! I can't wait to read more! Consider me your newest follower! :)

Janelle ( )

Emma Banks said...

Hi Lacy! I had a question for you about possibly collaborating on something and was hoping you could email me back to discuss? Thanks so much!

- Emma

emmabanks9 (at) gmail (dot) com

Our Family ~ Not of This World said...

Hi Lacy, I keep popping on here for an update, praying you are well!