Monday, October 26, 2009

Hi and Welcome!!!

After much debate and indecision the Dills have decided to start a blah-g. We feel like our life is in a real state of flux right now and what better way to combat the anxiety and stress that comes along with that than to BLOG ABOUT IT!!! So for our stats: Family of four (and always looking to expand!!) Daddum-the Navy pilot, Mama-homemaker extraordinaire (or so we like to think!!!) and wife, "Bonnie" girly, sweet and uber intelligent kindergartner, "Clyde" 2 year old brave boy who is just discovering all the parts of his body (translation-potty trained and curious!) gravity and personal limits, and Shooter the Mutt- smelly, dumb but a total doll who is very lovable and won our heart from the first gaze of those big brown eyes. This blah-g will be a mix of both Daddum and Mama posts, frugalista finds (courtesy of Mama), family adventures, spiritual growth and learning, not to mention ongoing Navy flight school updates (by way of Daddum himself). So sit back enjoy the ride and welcome to the chaos, love and good times that only the Dills can bring!!!


Beth said...

I love the name of your blog! So creative.

The Dills said...

Yeah us Dills are pretty creative....humility though not a strong point!! : P