Monday, October 26, 2009

Shameless self promotion

So for my first post I thought I would go with a little self promotion. This is a video the myself and two other flight students put together for Primary Flight Training at Whiting Field in Milton, FL. This is the first "flying" phase of training on the road to becoming a Naval Aviator.

Primary Flight Training

This should give all of you out there in the blogosphere some idea of what my job is all about. We obviously like to work hard and play hard, and the job itself is a lot of fun. So this is what consumes the majority of my time. Studying, briefing, flying, de-briefing, rinse and repeat. I hope you enjoyed it. I plan to post more as my training progresses, and as anything else pops into my mind that I feel others would care to hear about.


Beth said...

That was thrilling and educational. I'm pretty sure I can now fly a plane!

The Dills said...

Oh Bethy I love ya!! You are soo sweet...can't wait til tomorrow afternoon!!

Daddum said...

Well Beth, the way that my wife sings your praises i would believe that! Thanks for checking it out!

Jenn said...

I'm pretty sure I can't fly a plane since I almost vomited just watching your video. ;)

But, best of luck to YOU flying! :)

Mama said...

Jenn, pls do not puke...and if I see someone puking I have a high propensity to copy their if you pukeI'm gonna puke it will be like a VOM-FEST!! :)