Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Unexpected excellent surprises

Since I started couponing 6 months ago I have been exposed to several online outlets that allow you to try to win free products or prizes. One of these outlets is online contest/giveaways. Now for those of you that know me know that I am not an extremely lucky lady, I don't gamble, don't really enjoy card games like poker, and I never won much on those scratcher lottery tickets. But I enjoy playing the online contests and I am always looking to score free products for the house--and they range from things like candles, salsa, salad dressing, and the obvious DINERO; so I figure what the heck it can't hurt.

Well one of the contests that I go to fairly often is an online giveaway from Glade The Fragrance Collection Giveaway. I recently fell in love with these candles and reed diffusers (I have about 30 and I got them all for free!!!) and one of the prizes you can win through their giveaway is a coupon for a free 2oz soy candle all you have to do is turn over 3 cards with a picture of the 2oz candle on them. The other prize is a $100 AMEX Gift Card (seems unattainable...but a nice fantasy) which you can win by turning over 3 matching cards of a Glade 3 wick candle , well the other day I was on the puter and I logged in to do my daily contest and low and behold I turned over 3 cards with 3 wick candles on them!!! I was soo excited!!! But no window popped up to tell me I was a winner so I turned all the cards over and thought maybe that would do it. Nope, nothing.

Right away I emailed SC Johnson and told them in a polite email what happened and if there was anything they could do about it. I wasn't hoping for the gift card (although technically I thought I was supposed to win it), I would have been happy with a few coupons for free candles...did I mention I love these candles?? I didn't hear anything back so I called about a week later and they told me that I didn't win but thanks for my interest. I said thanks I kind of figured there was more in those Terms and Conditions than what met the eye. Oh well. But the guy that I talked to on the phone said he would pass the notes from our convo on to another department and let them make the final call. Ok whateva, probably not going to hear back from them but at least I did everything in my power to see the sitch through.

Well this evening I got a call from SC Johnson and a very nice lady named Eileen told me that she was sorry about the confusion and thanks for being patient and in about 4-6 weeks my $100.00 AMEX Gift Card would be in the mail!!! I had won and for some reason it was not officially recognized on the computer but since I had gone through all the appropriate channels and been a patient lady (Beth and Jenn if you are reading this don't fall out of your chair laughing at the idea of me be patient...I have been patient every now and again...like leap years or somethin) they were mailing out the gift card!!!!! I KNOW CRAZY RIGHT!!! Sooo hopefully right before Christmas the Pickle Fams will hopefully be getting a little last minute stash of Holiday Money!!! SO EXCITING!!! I am super grateful and I just thank God that I was graced with this little blessing!!!

In closing I would just like to state that those silly online giveaways work and I was kind of a skeptic before but I am a total believer now....try these little contests...they can work and sometimes you can even win big!!! What's 2 minutes of your time...it took that long to read this post...and in that time you could be a hundred dollars richer!!!

I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.


Beth said...

Lacy, that is wonderful. That is good to know that most of the online mfg. giveaways are real. Thanks for increasing my faith in the system of patience!

Mama said...

It is fa sho nuff the real deal....I was a little skeptical at first especially since I did not a get a response but it worked out in the end so that's all that mattered/

Jenn said...

Sorry it took me so long to respond...I was getting back into my chair. :D

Congrats on the FREE $100 GC--I'll be sending you my Christmas list soon. ;)