Friday, July 22, 2011

Nursing, The Milk Group and how I fit into it all.

As a wannabe green mom its only natural I would be pro breastfeeding as well. (For the record when I started breastfeeding Bonnie almost 8 yrs ago NO ONE was breastfeeding. It was like a weird, crazy, thing to do)
And thankfully I have blessed to be successful at nursing my children.

With Bonnie, she was a model nursing baby- 15-20 minutes on each side and fell right to sleep after a quick burping session. As she got older she nursed for longer periods of time but never overindulgent.

With Clyde, definitely an extended nurser and he went more the route of gluttony.
Chronic over eater.
He would nurse so long and so often that as soon as you sat him up to burp him you had to dodge projectile overflow milk that would just not stay in his baby belly. But he tried.
And as far as time spent in a nursing position I think I actually spent more time in a cross cradle hold with that kid in the first 18 months than I don't know what. It was a wonderful time and I am so glad we shared it together.

Then we come to the newest arrival and honestly he is a nursing enigma. Not extended, not orderly and by the book--no he is more a "snack" nurser. Like he just needs a bite to hold him over (not a bite per say but, well you know what I mean). However, he needs frequent "snacks"...and in my head I think

"Well just nurse for 15 minutes kid and you will be so much more satisfied than the back and forth nonsense"

You know, by this time in my parenthood you would think I would be used to the idea that kids are NOT all the same. Yet here I sit expecting them all to nurse and act the same. Will I ever learn?
Probably not.

And in the meantime I will be sitting on my couch with a swaddled baby in a football hold trying to run a household. Maybe by 2013 when this new baby stops nursing it will sink into my thick skull to expect total opposites out of the kids instead of similarities.

But I do love those little post nursing satisfied faces that look milk drunk with eyes rolling back into their head.
Am I weird or what?

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Cindi S World said...

Not weird at all, totally sweet!