Thursday, July 7, 2011


Our trip to Sea World and the water park was a smashing success. The kids had a blast and Jet Pilot and I managed to enjoy ourselves as well. In between the 3,583,931 other people there and frequent nursing breaks I mean. And our great friends and neighbors are still our friends so we didn't scare them off with our weird ways. Phew.

Here are the three main indicators that the kids had a blast and enjoyed their time in sunny San Diego




All three kids were down for the count on our 6 hour plus drive back home to Central California.
Sleeping babies are some of the best kind.

And their little bones must be like 90 percent rubber because if I had to sleep for any length of time with my neck at these weird angles I would definitely need some of those disposable heating pad wraps I am always buying in my Rite Aid coupon shops.
And a chiropractor.

Wow, just typing that makes me feel old. I used to be able to sleep anywhere and in just about any I need the overpriced tempurpedic mattress that we got on major sale because it was the display model and a memory foam pillow that cost me as much as a tank of gas to sleep normal.
Oh well, there are some perks, at least when you get old you can talk loud and wear non-matching clothes and no one gives you a second glance.

And bring umbrellas to random
places, like Taco Bell on a blatantly sunny day.
I like umbrellas.
Big ones.

Getting older is KINDA awesome.

Glass half full-that's me.


Cindi S World said...

Ok, seriously, I will bring myself to CENTRAL CALIFORNIA and kick your bottom if you say you are old one more time. Growing up, yes, old no! I am freakin 46 years old, cute as crap, and yeah, gettin old, but not there yet! I love you girl, and so thrilled you guys had such a great vaca! Big brother already looks older than he did, wow....

shelbysgrandma said...

GMA Gail is old lol and I also love very large umbrella's