Friday, August 26, 2011


It would appear that lately in my life I am going through a growth spurt. A growing of my faith, patience and upbeat attitude is underway. And to say its been easy is uhh...a lie.
Its been EXTREMELY hard.

I miss Bonnie--like everyday. But she is loving public school and is well ahead of her class in her subjects, so I am pleased. Growing my upbeat attitude even though I want her to be home- CHECK.

Trying to juggle the boys and their needs, growing my patience and overcoming my self doubt that I am capable of running this household-CHECK.

In the midst of my mom turmoil I find myself doing household tasks that enrich our quality of life.
Like mending Gator.

This is Gator
We got him for Clyde when he was a little baby and its one of the few lovey's he stuck with. Gator has been across the country with us, survived potty training (that was ugly for Gator sometimes) and copious amounts of abuse. Most recently someone cut his foot with scissors (no one would cop to it..hmm..) and he was losing stuffing. So I put his foot surgery on the high pri list and got to it the other day while catching up on Torchwood on the DVR.
Don't judge me, Torchwood is a great BBC X-filey kinda show.

And now he looks like this...

All better now. But a little battle scar to show for it. Its character, now he looks tough.

When I gave him back to Clyde he grabbed Gator by the leg and half ran half dragged back to his room to get right back into the chaos.

And it got me thinking how similar Gator and I are.

He is sooo loved around this house that he gets put through the wringer from all the "fun" and "trouble" he manages to get in to with Clyde. And minus the occasional little stitch he is no worse for the wear.

I am feeling like I have been put through the wringer lately but it always seems like I come out the other side just fine. Maybe I get a little "character" out of the deal, but I am better because of it. My "stitches" are of the invisible variety and the Lord is doing the patching up on me...and its working.

I am getting the spiritual repair and then going right back in the thick of things...and I do love it. So like Gator, I am going to take my licking and keep on ticking.

Because that's how we roll in this house.
G'd up monster truck tough.
I'm out.


Cindi S World said...

I Love love love this!!!!

grandmato4 said...

You are wise beyond your years <3