Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My squirmy baby and the adventures of changing his diapers

My newest arrival who I have nicknamed  "Ferb" is a squirmy one when it comes to changing his diapers.  Its not his fault really-- he comes from a long line of wiggly worms and his parents are fidget-ers sometimes as well.  What can I say we have ants in pants??  
He like to wiggle and waggle at EVERY diaper change.  No matter what time it is.  He is just as wiggly at after a 4pm feeding as he is at a 4AM feeding.  And it drives me more than a little bonkers sometimes.   Because this sleep deprived homeschooling mom of 3 is not blessed with infinite patience.  Sigh.  Bummer I know.
But I do have a few tricks up my proverbial mom sleeve.  I have a baby mat with brightly colored toys and mirror that captures his attention EVERY time I change him there, needless to say I am mostly changing him on the playmat to keep him occupied.  
And it helps A LOT!!
And it looks like there will be more relief  on the horizon.  Huggies has just created a line of SLIP ON DIAPERS!!! AAHH!! RELIEF!!
Huggies and SocialMoms Blogging Program have teamed up and asked bloggers (like myself) about any tips and tricks to help combat the wiggly baby diaper changes.  
My second trick that I have is not really a trick at all...more of a learned response.    I breastfeed the baby until right before they fall asleep, whip em off the goods, and lay him down on the playmat (see above about all the good and wonderful the playmat does for my life!) change him with lightning speed and the agility of a ninja, put back on the goods and continue until the little angel FOR REAL passes out.   
And usually it works.  I have like a 99% success rate about 75% of the time (lol, was that confusing enough?).

And my final trick, well its just the daily reminding that he won't be this little for all that long.  He will only be this small for what seems like the blink of an eye.  Before I know it he will be flying thru the house in his underwear and superhero cape acting like he is saving the world.  (Yes, that scene happens quite frequently in this house.)  Tormenting his sister and making our lives all the more richer and fun because he is in it.  

What tips and tricks do you have to help combat squirmy baby diaper changing time?  I would love all kinds of new insight and advice...Lord knows I need it.
 I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Huggies blogging program, for a gift card worth $35. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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