Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby #3

From sad right? Thank God it was only temporary

To this...

Count me as a super blessed mom...three wonderful and healthy children!! Now we are praying that this baby boy will start to put some weight back on and get back up to birth weight. He is still 4 oz short, and it's making me very mother hen-ish and worry wart.
Plus, we have a tummy bug going on in our house and in between overly frequent potty breaks and catching's been stressful.
To say the least.
But it's been great.
Amazing actually.
Mama to three, that's me.
It's all good in the hood


Melissa said...

Awww, so sweet.

They are all beautiful.

Hope y'all feel better soon.

Cindi S World said...

Been praying for you all, and so glad to see more lil man pics! Love you!

shelbysgrandma said...

You have 3 beautiful children - miss you gma

Our Family ~ Not of This World said...

Yeah! So happy for you guys. We always get sick right after a baby is born. I'm convinced we bring it home from the hospital/doctor's appointments. I'm glad you are all home. Blessings!