Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Toughen up Juice

I have been feeling discouraged lately...and overwhelmed. Bonnie went back to public school (post on that later when my heart is not so heavy.) so I am minus one in the house.

Now I know for some have one less underfoot is a WAHOO moment but honestly I am near heartbroken. I wanted her to homeschool again this year and after family go round it was determined she would go back to a public school. She is so pumped and loving every minute, and doing very well..for that I am glad.

Jet pilot is doing pilot stuff away from our little home so I will be minus my love.
Heavy sigh.

And the littlest member of the Dill-io clan has thrush.

Yeah, no kidding.
Really, thrush?

I am still in disbelief, and the kid never complained once. In fact he slept like a champ last night.
From 9pm til 7am!!!


If you know my kids you know that they DO NOT EVER sleep that well. It's like a wonderful miracle!

And I fell and hurt my ankle.


Like I need to wear a super cool, orthopedic foot sleeve thing to help ease some of the strain on it.

Sidenote: I am NOT wearing the brace...it's goofy looking and makes my foot hot. And it would mess with my already fly image ;)

So yes the pity party is in full swing and if you want an invite lemme know and I will put you on the V.I.P. list.

I know it will all be okay and eventually will work out better than I could have planned. So I keep trying to pick myself up by the bootstraps (or flip flop straps because I hate shoes...I was born in California, it's like being part hippie from birth) and get over it.

Here is the solution I have come up with....




I laugh at you.

Or more specifically Clyde and his amazing smile/tongue combo laugh at you.

Added to this regiment is a tall glass of toughen up juice over ice.

And that cute face always has a way of just bringing a sleepy mommy right outta that self induced funk!

I'm off to get that juice now and get the rear in gear for a fierce and fiery kickball practice for my little handsome boy.


Brittany said...

Um I love you and your posts. You make me laugh. And that's hard to do right now. But when u do laugh its awesomely round and funny looking. You have done some good today ;-)

Brittany said...

Ha ha...I meant when I laugh......stupid auto correct!!

Cindi S World said...

Awww, Love you girl!

Down Roads Less Traveled said...

Girl I know just how you feel- Trav went to public this year after being home with me for 15 years!! Rach and DH was in a wreck Sat and totaled her car that she just got last Monday!!(Yes, they are both okay thank God!)Paige had to have an abscessed tooth pulled last Wednesday, and well I just have problems anyway! I get tired of pullin up my big girl panties, but you just do it with the Lord's help and keep moving on! Love you, God Bless You, we'll make it, "He" promises!

Navy_Frugalista said...

You ladies are so wonderful to me and I am so blessed to have you all in my life!! Thanks for the uplifting comments!!

ANd Brittany I miss you soo friggin much!!!