Saturday, October 6, 2012

Boo Boo Packs and Babies

The babiest Dill had a run in today. With his sippy cup. It didn't end well for one of the parties involved.

I walk into the living room from the kitchen and all I see is blood and tears. Sigh. Naturally he WOULD NOT calm down and each time I tried to put the ice pack on his lip he would flip his lid. LOUD.

Less than ideal relaxing Saturday. But it's ok--our baby is now officially inducted into the Dill kids smash face hall of fame.

These are the moments that I miss the Jet Pilot, he handles these kid's blood situations infinitely better than I do .

But we muscled through it. So I will toast to that.

But still....
Sippy Cup-1
Baby Dill-0

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