Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bandwagon meets Me

Alright so I am going to get on the bandwagon. I am going to post pictures of all (or the ones I am most proud of) my coupon shops. I stalk enough coupon bloggers to see what kind of deals they are getting and I am a truly fascinated when others post pictures, so I am going to share the love and do the same. It's probably not going to be pretty until I get the formatting down but meh, I'll get there. Ok so CVS this morning. Went in there with a plan, (that I got from this girl) a plan not executed very well because they were OOS on the razor I was hoping to buy. But oh well.

What I bought:
2 Puff Plus w/ Vicks--.84 and .83 each
2 Speed Stick Stainguard--$2.99 each
1 Dawn Hand Renewal--.83
1 CVS Nail Polish Remover--.99
2 CVS Tissue Packs--.50 each
1 CVS Shampoo--.99
2 Herbal Essences Shampoos

Coupons I used:
$1/1 Puffs (from vocalpoint)
.50/1 (from vocalpoint)
$1/1 Speed Stick any (from junk mail insert)
.50/1 Speed Stick any (from same junk mail)
$1/1 CVS Cosmetics any CRT
$1/2 CVS Paper Products CRT
$1/1 CVS Hair Care CRT
2 $1/1 Herbal Essences
.50/1 Dawn Hand Renewal any 5/2 P&G
$4.99 ECB
$4.00 ECB adjusted down to $3.94
Subtotal: 0.00
Tax: $1.01
Total OOP: $1.01

UPDATE: I found the razor I was IDSO at the other CVS!!! Yay!! $6.99 in ECB's OOP with $6.99 BACK!!! I HEART ME SOME FREE!!!

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Cindi S World said...

DANG! You did great!