Friday, May 21, 2010

Is that thumb actually a little bit green??

So maybe the thumbs of Jet Pilot and I are not completely BLACK, we have some spots of Green on them. When Jet Pilot was out of town on cross country a few weeks back I took it upon myself to tear up the sad excuse for a flower bed in our front yard and make plans to plant one of my own. And it has been a success so far!! Everything is alive and flourishing. (Well minus one sad lavender plant, I was sooo hoping this plant would make it because I wanted some different smells in my No Poo and Homemade Laundry Detergent but alas, I think its dying. I am however, talking to it daily in attempts to motivate it back to life.)

This is one of freshly bloomed Daylilies. (Fresh after the scary Mississippi thunderstorms we had here last night.)
Beautiful right??
This is a "Luscious Citrus Blend" flower
(no kidding thats the name, random I know!!)

My red Daylilies that are going to be blooming in the next few days!!
I have no idea what type of flower this is-but its soo PRETTY!!
(we must lost the garden spike thingy with all the info on it,
lol...I would bet Clyde or the dogs had a hand in its disappearance)

And our flower bed is an organically raised, planted and fertilized one. The bed was planted and fertilized with Organic planting and topsoil and the only thing we have done to keep bugs away is spray a bit of all natural dish soap and water on the flowers to keep the gross variety garden bugs away. And water like a maniac.
It is nice to see the little ones getting involved with the flowers as well. They love to water and help me prune (or "deadhead" in green thumb lingo) all the flowers. All in all I like the flower bed, I am trying to get Jet Pilot on board to enhance the other "flower bed" (and I use that term VERY LOOSELY) into some front yard beauty but he is not there yet. But hey, I have all summer!! I recommend everyone do a little gardening, its therapeutic and allows me (all of us really!) some time to recenter while beautifying my front yard and enhancing my curb appeal!!

FYI: If you plan on creating a floral masterpiece in your front yard do it with a budget in mind-I did not and was VERY surprised with how much some front yard eye candy was.

And oh yeah, don't start the project at 3:30pm in the afternoon--start in the morning-nobody wants to be clearing out flower beds while its getting dark outside. Trust me. Bugs are something fierce once the sun goes down.

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