Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Mailbox Today

All this awesome stuff was in my mailbox today!!! I received:

* FREE Reusable bag from Kellogg's (all you needed to do was send in 2 UPC's and pay small S&H fee)

*$1/1 Synder's coupon from Facebook (I think the first 500 or something got a free product coupon but hey, I will take a $1/1!!)

*All You June edition

*TV Guide (free from or something)

*Yahoo Sports bobble head (I think this was intended for Jet Pilot- he was the Fantasy Football League Champion but whatevs, its going in my picture!!)

*ALL my coupons from the recent trades I did!!! YAY!! So many awesome coupons and all I traded were coupons that I was not going to need or ones I had too many of!! (P.S. I trade my coupons through this site!! And I love that the group is smallish but they are friendly and always trying to help give you the best trade experience possible!!)

I love checking my mail and finding all kinds of goodies in there!!! What did you get in your mailbox today??

1 comment:

Cindi S World said...

Mine hasnt come yet...but I want one of those Kelloggs bags! Awesome mail day!