Saturday, May 1, 2010


I need to talk about this...I have been thinking about it alot lately. Jet Pilot and I met young, fell in love and got married all well before we turned 21. And its an amazing, wonderful, enriching and God led life we are striving to lead.

But lets be honest. Sometimes we get lonely. We have been on our own and away from home for a long time now.

When we brought our new babies home from the hospital, they came home to little fanfare, no family, no streamers, no "Oh we just brought this by for dinner to help you guys out" stuff. And I am proud of that, it makes me feel confident in my mothering, household, wife duties all more knowing that WE did it. Just the 2 of us. We do get the obligatory congrats and praises for all the wonderful things we have accomplished in our lives but they are all second hand telephone calls, emails, text messages, and msgs on Facebook (I know electronic social networking, its going to be the death of us all), you get the idea.

And in light of my sister's new career I think about all this. I hope she doesn't feel too alone at times. Its a lonely road we are on sometimes and no one know your strife unless they walk that same road with you. In the past few months I have awoken from my "Christian coma" and I have learned to lean on the Lord and less on myself because it is only with His hand and love in my life that I will be the grace filled, patient, loving helpmate He knows that I can be.

I pray for my sister, her path is just being laid out before her and while it is a wonderful, amazing and positively life changing experience I hope she leans on the Lord so much more than I did over those tumultuous 4 years. And as her old sister I worry about her, I know she's 20 but in my head she is still that fluffy haired, little 5 year old I remember always bugging me.

Families are great, Military life is second to none and independence is a thing to be cherished. But it is only with God's help are all things possible!!!

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Cindi S World said...

Wow, I was so immersed in my life and Chelsea's baby shower that I didn't see this post. Very moving, very honest, and I for one know I am blessed to have you as a friend. Love ya girl!