Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Count me lucky too

Some girls get all the luck...skinny 2 weeks after their babies are born, supermodel tall, or hair that looks like they walked off a shampoo commercial set.
Today I am one of those girls..

Cuz that's my husband right there!! And really, does it get any better than being married to an awesome Jet Pilot??

Just sayin.
Husbands rock.


Terra H. said...

Yep, that is pretty lucky!

Cindi S World said...

Just like he is very lucky to be married to an awesome person like you!

Melissa said...

Life is guid.

I keep thinking about you because I've got the first lines to a song stuck in my head, going round and round and round...
It's Pink's new song (or, new to me, because I'm always behind), it goes like:
"Right, Right, turn off the lights, we're gonna lose our minds tonight, What's the dealio?"

So of course first thing I think of is Dill-io, lol.