Friday, October 22, 2010

Navy Videos Plug and My Husband

I literally just had to share this because it is one of the HANDS DOWN ALL TIME MOST AWESOME VIDEOS that features the WORLD's GREATEST NAVY!! It makes me smile literally every time I watch it.

And besides..the guy in the black beanie in the hallway scene, he was my neighbor here is Mississippi...hilarious, wonderful guy and I am seriously so glad that I can say that I know someone in this awesome video!! Its like knowing a movie star...kind of.

And since I am going to plug Navy You Tube videos I am also going to highlight the amazing video that MY Jet Pilot made while going through flight training in Florida. He did an awesome job and you can see him in all his Pilot glory right at the beginning of the video with his helmet and jacket on singing "YO BLACK BETTY, BLAM A LAM"...he did awesome right?? C'mon be husband reads this blog daily so I am sure he might like a lil comment love.


Cindi S World said...

I totally LOVE these videos, they are AWESOME!!! And yes your DH did great!

Melissa said...

It just don't get no cooler than that.
Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Jet Pilot did great!

shelbysgrandma said...

Makes GMA proud to know a movie star. Awesome videos

Heather said...

Hi, stopping by from the Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop! Please feel free to stop by my blog :-) Thanks!