Sunday, October 31, 2010 Costume Review

I was extended the opportunity to review a costume from, after much deliberation Jet Pilot and I decided that he would get a costume for Halloween.  I really wanted one but he kept giving me the puppy dog face.
So I caved.
He chose the Taco Costume and he was more than excited about it.  MORE THAN EXCITED.

When we received the costume I have to say it was nicer than I thought.  There was good detailing, I thought the taco costume may not look as nice in person as it was online.  But when it came I was definitely impressed. It also came with directions that said to to stuff it with paper to make the costume look fuller and more taco-ish?  I have worn costumes like this in the past and I never thought to do  Smart I know.  So when Jet Pilot did his dry run and got dressed last night..all stuffed and all, he looked awesome. 
He looked like a giant man taco.  We also steamed his costume to get the wrinkles out, which I don't think we would have had to do if we had hung the costume from a regular hanger (like the enclosed directions said too...yeah we don't do so well following directions has a PLETHORA of funny adult costumes, child and pet costumes, too many to list but here are a few of my favorites:

This is just HILARIOUS to me...

I would have totally dressed up like this with Jet Pilot

Waaay to cute to be scary...Bonnie would look adorable in this!!
I have never ordered a costume online before but after going thru so successfully and without any issues I would definitely order from then again.  I am thinking....Incredibles Costumes for the whole family...or clown costumes....something totally random and hilarious. 

THANKS COSTUME DISCOUNTERS.COM for the awesome costume...I just know its going to be a HIT!!!

I was received products from for the purposes of review only.  I was under no obligation from any person or company to post a positive review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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