Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time please pass by fast...

I miss my husband.
And he has only been gone 16 hours.
These next 2 weeks just may kill me.
I want him to become the official awesome Jet Pilot that I already know he is, but I just wish I could have gone to beautiful San Diego as well.
Instead of staying here in the sprawling metropolis of Country Mississippi.

Tell me the time will fly by.
It has too right??

Yes, I am OVERLY hormonal...baby hormones....got me all jumbled up.  Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow and have myself together.

Here's hoping so anyway.


Brandi Elam said...

Aww, you poor thing. I'm sorry. I couldn't handle that, either.


I have no words of wisdom or anything to make you feel better, but just wanted to let you know that someone read this and wanted to pass you some love to help you make it through the day!

Cindi S World said...

It wont pass by fast enough, BUT, when its over, you will be so proud of yourself for maintaining your awesome family and home so that your DH can do what he has to do for himself and for you guys!I am already proud of you girl, and I love you, but you know that.

shelbysgrandma said...

We're here for you Lacy. You can do it - I'm proud of you and Love you tons .... Gma

Melissa said...

Hey, Lacy, how are ya today? Good, I hope.

About the only advice I could give ya is stay busy. Time flies when you've got a bunch going on.

Good time to re-arrange some furniture (if you got someone to do the heavy lifting) or re-decorate the bedroom or kitchen, or decorate up for the holidays.

I used to like to take on cleaning out projects when he wasn't home for an extended amount of time. I could drag everything out of the cabinet or closet or off the shelves, whatever, go thru it, get rid of stuff, and fix it back like I wanted without his *help*. (He's worse than a woman when I'm trying to go thru his clothes, lol.)

If you're crafty you could make some Christmas tree ornaments, or bake ahead and freeze some food for the Holidaze.

Anyway, that's my two cents. Stay busy, and active, so you're tired enough to go right to sleep when you go to bed at night.

Navy_Frugalista said...

Ladies can I just say I SINCERELY LOVE YOU ALL!! THanks for the love and suggestions and concern you are sending my way!!! YOU GIRLS ROCK!!