Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Apologies are in order

With Jet Pilot out of town these past few weeks I have been mindfully absent from this blog.  In truth, I have been just trying to survive in his absence.   I missed him so much and his leadership in our home that I was a bit of a mess emotionally without him.  Baby #3 is rocking my body with the hormones and nausea so I have literally been a ball of worthlessness at times.  For this I apologize.  I plan on getting back on the horse because truly I do love blogging--I just love my husband and family more.  So in honor of me sucking so much lately,  I am going to do a Review/Giveaway or Review everyday for a week.  To please both you the readers and me the writer.  Next month my Jet Pilot will be graduating from Flight School to become an official WINGED NAVAL AVIATOR so I am sure the blog will suffer a bit then as we prepare for family, celebrations and outings.  Then there is a potential military move in the works, which means boxes, Internet access, more stress...you kinda get the idea.  But this week I promise to make things just a big better and try just a little bit harder.  
I hope you can find it in your heart to show me some forgiveness over my lack of blogging.


1 comment:

Cindi S World said...

So glad DH is home, and nausea is hopefully getting better...LOVE that you love your family more than blogging, lol.