Friday, November 19, 2010

Another peek at some CQ'd pilot

Here is another pictorial highlight in honor of our CQ'D Jet Pilot...

The kids and I made this sign to welcome our Jet Pilot home.

**FYI--the newly qualified pilots are called "Hookers" because the thing that actually allows them to stop their jet on the ship is a little metal hook. Hence the if you happen to know anyone that is or has been in the military then you know their "sense" of humor...and you can see how the term would escalate.

It's kind of tasteless but it's pretty funny...that's why we exploited it.

We also made shirts to wear when we picked him up, I will post those later tonight and just add to this post. Those shirts are pretty hilarious...and tasteless too. So be forewarned.


Cindi S World said...

Looking forward to seeing the hilariously tasteless shirts! Love ya!

Melissa said...

LOL, funny!

We have 2 firefighters in the house, so it's all the "hose" and fire/hot/wet jokes around here.