Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jet Pilots+Carriers=FRAZZLED WIFE

Jet Pilot is in Sunny Southern California this week because he is "training" (translation, trying his hand at landing on an Aircraft Carrier, by himself ALONE in the jet.)
Yes I am a ball of nerves.
I know he is awesome.
I know he knows his stuff.
But I am still a knee knocking, nail biting, overly anxious cleaning housewife right now.
And I have to be this way til I hear from him sometimes tomorrow.  I was hoping by some random act of universe love he would call tonight but no such luck.  Or at least another wife who's husband is also "training" with my Pilot would call them and I would have some sort of update.  Sadly, this is not the case.

But I have everyone I know praying for him and I have been praying and sending love and light his way all day.  So I know it doesn't get any stronger than that. 

Yet here I sit, nervous...pacing and unable to sleep.  I hope I get some shut eye in before the morning comes.  Otherwise I will be useless as a mom tomorrow.  So if you happen to be reading this, please say a prayer for my husband.  Or at the very least..think calm landing safe on a GIANT AIRCRAFT CARRIER pleasant thoughts.  Thanks luvies...I appreciate it.

I really do.

Yes....he is always able to spare 5 seconds in the Jet to have a good time!!  The mustache was a Navy "tradition"-- you grow it out to show that you are going to the "Boat" Aircraft Carrier soon.  Jet Pilot's mustache was the thickest and fiercest of all the guys in his training detachment.  Cuz he just has to be the best at everything...even growing a thick "stache" for the trip!!  In this case...I think its pretty serious looking and I know he was proud of it.

P.S.   I have been a military wife 9 years (4 as an active duty member myself and 5 years as a dependent/SAHM)....and it is still as hard this time being apart as it was the first time we separated because of duty.  It never gets any just learn to embrace the emotional roller coaster ride a little better.

P.P.S.  That last line was meant to increase my own confidence....thanks for letting me talk thru that!!


Melissa said...

Sorry you're worried and frazzled :-(

Hopefully you have heard from him by now and are feeling better.

Everyday Rambling's said...

I have chosen you for the "Stylish Blogger Award"