Monday, January 3, 2011

Winging Ceremony

Finally.  It has happened.  He got his Wings.  After countless hours of studying, praying, crying, cursing, puking and about a billion other random emotions/actions-he graduated.
Getting the lowdown on the inside of the Jet from Dad
Words can not accurately describe the pride and love I felt for my Beloved on that day.  I had the silent talk with myself to not be a bawling mess all day, there were going to be pictures commemorating this day and I did NOT want to look like  a red eyed, red nosed pregnant monster in ALL of them.  LOL.

First there was casual family day where family got to walk around and see the inside of the jet, the flight simulator, and the inner workings of the squadrons, and a little awards ceremony where the Pilots get awards to highlight their achievements up to this point.  My mother and sister in law, my mom from CA and our good friend from IL all came into town to see Jet Pilot graduate.  It was nice to have family all around us (as weird as that sounds its not common for us to be around family a lot, but its okay we are used to it by now.), and everyone that came by to congratulate Erik made it all the more special.

The official ceremony was held at the Chapel on base and it was lovely.  8 handsome Navy and Marine Corps Pilots looking spiffy in their dress uniforms all ready to make the transition from student to ACTUAL Aviator.  Jet Pilot asked me to pin his Wings onto his uniform which kind of came as a surprise because I knew he had to pick someone but I didn't think it would be me.  I know it was an honor originally reserved for his dad or grandfather but they were both looking down on us on that day.  I thought for sure I was going to trip and fall in my high heels and dress on the way up there but I kept it together.  (And yes I know I am 5 months pregnant, but I do love high heels and I have so few occasions to wear them, so when I can--I DO.)

Lastly there was a Jet Pilot Party for all the newly "Winged" Pilots to celebrate with the instructors and students and family.  It was a good time for grown ups, not so much entertaining for kids but we brought ours along and they just toughed it out for a bit.  It was a good time to be had by all and now with the holidays over we are gearing up to pack the house up and move West.

Its going to be chaotic and crazy and overwhelming but honestly-I am excited.  I am definitely over living here in the middle of nowhere Mississippi and I kinda miss Target and Starbucks.

Thanks Training Wing One and Fixed Wing Squadron Seven for helping my Beloved acheive his dreams!!

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