Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brick wall, meet me.

So I have officially hit that third trimester brick wall.

I was kind of thinking it wasn't going to happen this pregnancy.  I have been feeling pretty good and upbeat lately, maintaining good weight gain this time around.  (Not the 50lbs+ like the first time around with Bonnie)

But it was like I woke up one morning recently and BLAM, tired, swollen and frequent potty breaks all in the blink of an eye.  Its actually amazing that fingers can swell that big without bursting.  And just thinking about waterfalls or streams makes me turn into PeePee McGee.

I think I am one of those women that gets pregnancy amnesia.
 I only chose to remember the mushy sweet parts of growing a baby, and I block out  forget about the less than ideal parts--like the frequent bathroom breaks, crampy belly and of course-labor.  So in my pregnancy amnesia I guess I forgot about the toxic levels of exhaustion and tiny bladder.


At least I don't have that long left,  May is right around the corner (it is close thankyouverymuch!) and then my darling son will be here and then this pregnancy will all become a distant memory as I am launched into blissful motherhood for the third time.

Its totally going to go by has too.

I wanna see his little face.

And I wanna see his big brothers and sisters love on him like I know they will.  They can't help it, they are snugglers.

Come On May, get here soon!!


Cindi S World said...

I cant wait either! Soooo excited!

Melissa said...

Wow, it is going by fast. Seems like it was only a couple months ago.

I think most of us are pregnancy amnesiacs, otherwise alot of us wouldn't have more than one kid, lol.

When in May? I can't remember if you said the due date.
We have several May bdays. It's a nice month, Springy.