Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What makes us #Fabulous

This post is written to receive extra entries to win an Tablet2 from!!

The House of the Dill-io is #fabulous because:

Our van is full and our checkbook light,
but our love for each other will light the night,
we are #fabulous!

Baby #3 is on his way in May,
and when he comes- poopy diapers and all he will brighten our day,
we are #fabulous!

From our dirty socks, 
to having fun just throwing rocks, 
we are #fabulous!

We find the joy in every day
in little things for which we don't have to pay,
we are #fabulous!

We cheer our Jet Pilot in the Navy, 
his job is awesome and totally GRAVY, 
we are #fabulous!

We love to stalk the coupons and online deals,
it helps us pay for ALL our meals,
we are #fabulous!

We love our family time together,
because it lifts our hearts as light as a feather,
we are #fabulous!

Thanks to Fabulous Savings for this chance to win a Tablet2,
if you pick us we will be true and not blue and we will give many thanks to YOU!!
We are #fabulous!

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shelbysgrandma said...

Dang you are very creative!