Thursday, March 17, 2011

Clearance shop on base

No one will be able to duplicate this shop (it's clearance and from the store on a military base) but it was soo exciting that I just couldn't help but mention it.

So pretty please just indulge me,

I bought:
1 Cottonelle 12 pack-- $6
2 Flintstone Vitamins-- $3.37 with additional 75% off (.87 cents)
1 Tylenol Meltaways-- $4.49 with additional 75% off ($1.12)
5 Blink Tears-- $8.99 with additional 75% off ($2.24)

Coupons I used:
5 $4/1 Blink Peelies that were RIGHT ON THE FRONT OF THE CLEARANCE EYE DROPS!!

Subtotal (after coupons): .05

Total OOP: A nickel!!

**There are no taxes imposed on purchases made from military exchange stores--so literally a nickel!

I am not sure why these things were on clearance, the expiration dates were still a year out so I think they were just changing the floor set and these things had to go.

And I am totally not complaining--tp is always on the stockpile list around here. Jet Pilot was glad that I spied this deal and while I know he despises waiting on me to get these shops done he loves the savings. Plus my brother and mom will totally be able to use these eye drops for their allergies!! Score all around!!

So had any good shops lately??

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Cindi S World said...

Dang! That is totally amazing!