Friday, March 25, 2011

Stand on your head. Drink lots of water.

My kid has hiccups really bad.

Not such a big deal except that this kid is the one in my belly that is still growing.

It's like chronic hiccups.
Poor baby.

I have never had a baby that got the in utero hiccups this early (or late?) in the pregnancy. It feels silly.

It's a quiet time just the baby boy #2 and mom can share together. And in this house that says ALOT.

Lately it has gotten louder and louder around here-between Jet noise, jet fuel, the smell of manure (yay Central Cali farmlands!), and 2 homeschooled kids who have only one volume--HIGH/11/MAX. It's loud.

So I am trying to find the small joys in the little (QUIET) things.

Like baby hiccups.

They really are so dang cute.

May needs to get here fast, I am getting anxious to meet this little smidger.


Cindi S World said...

Its gettin closer and closer girl!

Melissa said...

I never have figured out how a baby in a bag of water could even get hiccups.
Haven't thought about that in a long time; probably I should google it.

Noise used to bother me. Then my kids turned into teenagers and clammed up. Now *I* make noise and bug them, lol!

Hope you're feeling well.