Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bringing the deal stalking heat back!!

I have been kind of slow to get back on the deal stalking wagon.  Don't get me wrong I have been reading the message boards/deal blogs AND printing out the hot printables but I have been slow to actually go out and GET the deals.  For no real reason, pregnancy exhaustion...laziness...rising gas prices, etc..

However I am on the road to redemption.  I went deal stalking today to 4 stores after the kids and I finished school.  I hit Walgreens (a store I never shop..cuz I am not as mentally adept to conquer the coupon to item ratio rules), Rite Aid, Target and Wal-Mart (yeah I know but I wanted to test out the new coupon policy that ALLOWS overage!).

And I didn't do too bad if I say so myself.

Store/Coupon Breakdown:

2 Up and Up brand All purpose cleaners with bleach-- $1.37 each
(this Lysol knock off is my Jet Pilot's favorite cleaner, as I try to clean with just organic vinegar--lol.  We are a work in progress!)
1 Up and Up dental floss-  .89 cents

Coupons I used:
2 $1/1 Up and Up Cleaning Product IP from Here
1 $1/1 Up and Up Oral Care Product IP from Here (this q auto adjusted to .89 cents with no beeps)

Subtotal: .74 cents
Total OOP: .80 cents

4 Challenge Tuscan Butter-- $1.98

Coupons I used:
4 $2/1 IP from becoming a fan of Challenge Butter on Facebook

Subtotal: -.08 cents
(yes WM owed me $$ but I just wanted to see what they were gonna do once my total went into the negative.  After much ado from the cashier she just brought the CSM over and he over rode it no problem.  So it would appear that some management read the new coupon policy email-Phew!)

2 Pedia Care Kids Meds-- $6.99 and $7.49

Coupons I used:
2 $2/1 Pedia Care from
1 $5/1 Wags in Ad coupon (I read online to hand this over last because otherwise the IP's would beep and not go thru)

Subtotal: .48
Total OOP: .85 cents
** I think I am going to go back to Walgreens and get some more Tylenol because when my kids get fevers they get LIKE FEEEEVVAAHHHS!!  And this will be a good addition to our stockpile!**

10 cans of Sardines B1G1 50% off-- $1.29 and .64
4 Trident Vitality-- .99 each
6 AirWick Aerosol Air Fresheners B1G1-- $1.89 each
2 NYC Nail Polish-- .49 and $1.99 each
6 Jesse Girl Clearance Nail Polish-- .74 cents each

Subtotal: $1.05
Total OOP: $2.05 and $11 Ups

Earned: $18 UPs for next time!!

All in all I think it was a good haul!  I was super excited about Rite Aid and all the Ups I earned from the Sardines and Nail Polish.  I was reading on the different message boards that the clearance nail polishes were also generating the $1 UP so I hunted some up and took a chance and it paid off.  I plan on trying to make it out to another Rite Aid for more nail polish and mom and my Jet Pilot said they would both give them a shot with crackers.
Ewww. Gross.
But if all else fails its a donate item or dog food topping.

Major props to my coupon gals Cindi and Gail for giving me the daily inspiration to deal stalk and get out there and get those deals!!

**Side Note--I also did the buy $25 of Johnson Baby Washes and get a free stroller from CVS, spent $4.24 OOP on 9 baby washes and got the umbrella stroller.  But they were out of stock and after a phone call with Corporate I found out that the store is supposed to call Online Services and mail the stroller to me. Ugh.  So we will see.**


Cindi S World said...

I am so proud of you! You are rockin and rollin girl!

shelbysgrandma said...

wow I want a Rite Aid too - awesome deals Should we warn your mail carrier that you will be stalking them for the stroller?