Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wheel of MY Fortune

I am debating as to whether or not I should audition for Wheel of Fortune.

Lame. I know.

But I love that show.

And they are holding auditions tomorrow in my hometown. But it's supposed to be rainy tomorrow and standing in the rain for XX amount of hours as a fat 7.5 month pregnant lady--not ideal.

Plus I will want snacks.
And a chair.
And more snacks.

This is sounding like less and less of a good idea.

Now stalking Rite Aids for $3/1 RA Gain Detergent peelie coupons--that sounds like a good idea.

If only I could convince the rest of the family my idea is a good one.
Yeah that will happen.
Like. Never.
My family would rather get root canals and their toenails pulled out one by one simultaneously than hit more than one drug store at a time for me.

So WheelMobile it is.

Or maybe not.

Although it would be cool to win thousands of dollars, I think I could handle that. My Jet Pilot would be happy!!

Glad we had this talk, thanks for hearing me out.

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Cindi S World said...

DO ITTTTTTT!!!!!! You have to, totally awesome girl!