Sunday, September 19, 2010

CVS Shop #2 for the week of 9/12-9/18

The sales for this shop are over but I wanted to highlight the deal only because I wanted to touch on travel size/coupons a bit.   Technically there are a ton of coupons that DO NOT exclude trial sizes, and there are a ton that DO.  I usually am not one to go for the travel size deals only because it always seems more hassle to me than its worth.  Tide usually releases a $1/1 any size coupon each other month and at some major retailers they sell the one load sample size in the travel size section.  Some people stalk this deal and snatch up 10, 20, etc..of these.
I do not.  Ever.
I don't think its a bad deal for those do, I do not think its misuse of the coupon to use it to purchase the Tide sample size, I just personally don't want to deal with a 3 ft stack of Tide samples in my laundry room.
But I will do the travel size game for some things.  Like face wash.
This is something nice to pass on to my family cross country and its nice for Jet Pilot when he go on his out of town cross country trips. 
I have read where some deal bloggers say that these companies will release these types of coupons for marketing/pr reasons to get people to try to their product, get hooked and buy full price big size.  Which I can sort of understand that argument.
In all honesty though, I dunno what I think-again I think its all about your comfort level.

Okay so enough of the blog fodder/soapbox here's the shop

Transaction #1:
7 Clean and Clear Face Wash-- .99 cents each
Bubbles-- .39 cents
Alive Vitamins for Women-- $9.99 (there was a coupon for these but I didn't have it)

Coupons I used:
$3/15 CVS q that I traded for on this forum 
(for some reason this coupon would not go through, cashier had to manually put it in and when she did she pushed it through for $5 off, not $3 off....I told her that because I am a huge believer in coupon karma but she said meh...then.)
7 $1/1 Clean and Clear also traded for on the forum
.99 cents ECB
$5.00 ECB adjusted down to $4.39 (she went to fast I wasn't able to do the math quick enough in my head to figure out how much I had to spend to use the full $5 value.  I hate to use less than the full value..I don't like to go lower than 3 cents below face value-yes I am that cheap.  But I guess I can't really split hairs over .60 cents...but the mind of a couponer .60 cents is the non couponer's equivalent to like a $5 bill.  LOL)

Subtotal: 00.00
Tax: .55 cents
Total OOP: .55 cents on Money card so technically nothing!!

I still have a little less than a dollar on my money card so I will probably get one more week out of it and then I am back to my change bag again.  I carry a small sandwich bag filled with change into CVS and I pay with that every week.  Yes,  I think my cashiers hate me but I do what I do to stretch my husband's income to the very limit and make those coins my slave!!

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